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Entry #2



So, as I was reading some posts from people, I noticed someone had a blog. I wondered why I didn't have a blog! I figured it may help me in what's going on and venting etc. I go to start a blog...yep...you guessed it...I already have one! So, that was actually kind of nice! I thanked myself for starting one and here I am!


I am preparing to take a license exam for social work and am becoming quite discouraged. My short term memory is shot. Which makes memorizing things next to impossible. I write, I read, I explain, I review etc....nothing seems to make it stick. I can't afford to take the test again. WAY to expensive. So, I am avoiding studying for the moment to talk with you all here!


I continue to notice things I have lost the ability or understanding to do. Spelling used to come very easily for me...not anymore. Speaking and finding words has become a moment to moment challenge. Some days I just quit talking. Putting things in order, organizing, going through directions...so many things have all become challenges. Not that I am giving up...just that I am venting I guess.


My family pretty much ignores that I had a stroke. Unless I bring it up, everyone goes about life as normal. NOT that i want everyone reminding me an such...but it's like it never happened to them. Wish I could ignore/forget it that easily. Hmmm...wonder how it would be if I forgot I had a stroke or if I never even KNEW to begin with...


My doctor that I was crazy and needed therapy when I told him I didn't know what things were called etc. He SO did not take me seriously. He is no longer my doctor! I had my MRI done and he had to call me into the office and say "You actually DID have a stroke". REALLY???? DUH! Anyway, I guess I have rambled on long enough and need to get back to studying.


Hope everyone out there in Strokeland is...well...I'm not sure what...just hope you are whatever you want to be! Hope everyone out there in Strokeland _________________________ (fill in your own answer!)




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hi Justice:


welcome back to our wonderful world of blogging, keep on blogging & you will enjoy your stay here & it will help you deal with adjusting to new you. For me I m still same Asha who has use of only her one hand, but I am still same old me except now I am medically retired stay at home mom & wife.



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Good for you, have fun blogging. I didn't know what a blog was until I came here! Still not to swift on posting one, just once in a while! :happydance:

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K, lucky for me, as blog moderator, that I have lovely people like you coming back and blogging again. I have been a fan of blogging for five years now and when I am blue I read back to old blogs.


From those four years back I can see how it has changed some of my thought patterns. So this might be part of your solution for word finding etc. putting your thoughts down in the form of a blog.


I am a caregiver with no expereince of aphasia so have no recommendations to address your problems. Except that with everything else it is repetition so I guess rote learning (saying something over and over again) might help.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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I don't know the words for things either. Other things I call something entirely different. My family just asks me "what does it do?" After I explain teh purpose or action of a thing, they "ok" and move on, if I called it the wrong thing, or tell me what it is if I don't have a word.


I'm only 2 months post-stroke, so I'm still learning what has changed and what has not, too. While your family tries to ignore your stroke, my family is scared to death that at any minute I am going to have another one and die. I hope that, eventually, everyone comes to a middle point of understanding.


I use my blog to vent when things are less than I want them t obe, celebrate when things are good, help myself remember because my short-term memory can be a little flakey, and keep up to date on what other people in "strokeworld" are up to. Sometimes, reading other people's blogs gives me hope and determination.


Keep blogging. We're all here to help eachother.


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