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Thank you Lord for one more day.



Today was Valentines day I am really getting emtionally drained wondering is the the last......fill in the blanks So we decided that unless something really stands out last years (fill in the blank) was the last The chemo went upside down the week before and we had a real scare but this last week we seem to be well enough they changed their mind and let us have the infusion of chemo Our Primary care does not feel that with everything all in all that there is the amount of time they mentioned he believes it could be less time but then I have come to realize that they simply dont know. My daughter in laws cousins husband got cancer back around Christmas and they did not know what kind and he passed away this week At the funeral we found out it was ..... pancreatic spread to the liver That is Bills primary and secondary and then we also have lung involvement and spleen. I am doing about as well as can be expected Keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts I will get an update to you as I can I am so exhausted and my emotions are all over the place since that cousins funeral I know how blessed I am to still have my BIll with me but I am not sure that I am anywere near ready for any of this Keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts I will keep you up on any changes as I can Love Karen


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Ray and I are praying for courage for you and Bill as you face the future together.


Hope is a wonderful thing so try and keep hope alive.Ask your church to pray with you too, every little bit helps.


Love you Karen, (((hugs))) from Sue.

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Let's tell ourselves it won't be the last time...We keep praying to God!


You have my condolences on your daughter in law's husband's passing! Be strong for Bill, God will make a way Karen!

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Karen, you have been a trooper through all this. It is time to hunker down, recenter and just enjoy time together for a bit. You both have been on an incredible treadmill, both physically and emotionally. It is time to just take some time for yourselves, re-energize and prepare to what comes.


Please know you are in my prayers. Debbie

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You and Bill are in my prayers. I do know what you are going through. My first husband had a terminal illness and I lived with the scare of this being the last day for along time.


I still was not ready for the end even though expected.



Please take care of yourself and enjoy the time that you have together.





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