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Round two for speech therapy.



Today was a successful day. Carl had his first speech

appointment. Carl's therapist (Scott) is the head of

speech therapy. Scott had two identical papers with

sentences, one he gave to Carl to read off of and

mark on problems he felt he had. And Scott marked

on his copy problems he heard. Scott wanted to make

sure both of them are one in the same understanding.

Carl has trouble with th, sc, two constants together, the

sounds of V, F. Carl wants to put the tongue in motion.


Scott had Carl put his figures in his ears. Then read

sentences with words he has problems with.

I was sitting their and I could understand every

word he said. That's a good thing.


Scott gave Carl homework. I have homework also,

I have to record words for Carl to work by himself.

See Carl knows when he makes a mistake so he has to

self correct himself. Self correcting ones self

reinforces the positive not the negative. Scott also

is going to have Carl work on his speed of his

speech. He's slow now so the can get all the

syllables of words out.


We left the therapy feeling very promising that in

six weeks Carl will be speaking with more fluency.




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Carl sounds like he is making real progress. Ray had a couple of good speech therapists too as he had problems with ch, sh, sk etc. One gave him cards and he had to make up sentences. I still have a tape of him speaking somewhere.


Glad to hear things are coming on well now.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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you have found great speech therapist for carl which is going to help all of you in long run. you all are making great team together.



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