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Winter is not done with us yet



The wind has been howling all day. We are under a wind advisory until tomorrow night, when we will be hit with another snow storm.


Have no complaints really. We have had seven full days of sun and warmth. Most of the snow is gone from the roof


Besides Phildogg's and thanks to my Mary Beth and my open downspouts, all the run off is on the ground and not backed up in my gutters as ice. This wind will also now dry out everything.


When I saw the weather report, I told all of Bruce's caregivers I wanted him back on track this week. No excuses. Bruce and I swam Saturday, Monday, Thursday and today. Jen took him Tuesday and Friday and he went to work on Wednesday. Physically he is exhausted, but cognitively the improvement continues.


My work dinner Thursday was great. I had a wonderful time. My fellow employees and my employers could not have been more attentive. It was nice to challenge the brain with something other than stroke. Leo was paid by my work for the night: everything was done here at home, including laundry and kitchen clean up and Bruce was dry and comfy awaiting my return.


Besides Phildogg's walking backward, we have added his leg lifts to our pool routine. I figured it would be easier to lift the weak leg with the strong leg with the water to offset some of the weight. Also it was a good way to show Bruce the exercise when he was fully awake and alert. Phil is right. It really does fully exercise and stretch the back of the weak leg.


Working on in-house projects for Monday. Bruce wants to make more cupcakes and he has some Emails to respond to.


Best news of the week. We were in the BR, changing for the pool. Bruce stood up, got his balance and then took his own pants down-one handed, no grip bar. He then proceeded to do the same to pull his suit up. I must say, as a caregiver, I was very scared, but I was right next to him and the WC was right behind him, locked. But if he goes down on that weak side, there is not much I can do to help him without something to grab on to-like his pants. Even the Pool Therapist congratulated him when she heard.


Kira has been agitating to go out. She gets outside and all her normal routes are blocked with snow piles. The paths Mary Beth made to the downspouts are well thawed, so off Missy goes on the paths and gets under the deck and is afraid to come out. The far side of the deck is still snow packed where we threw all the snow from the deck and the roof. Took me almost a half hour to talk her out, me on my knees in the mud and wet. The things we do for our pets! But I still say, if Bruce moves that right arm, it will be to take care of her, so guess I can live with some wet, dirty pants.


All in all, a good week.


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Debbie, I hope you don't get more snow. A friend stopped by and had to go to Hartford on business last week. He was describing how the snow is piled up so high that driving you can't even see the next street until you get there. We have had a warm blast come through with 70's temps last week. Winter is not over however and March may bring more snow. They are worried about flooding now. Bruce seems to be doing well all around now. Take care.


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That is wonderful. Pulling his own pants up an down. William seems to think that this my job.


You are really getting the pool in. That is so good. I notice such a difference in William after the pool.

Much looser and able to move his leg more and the stiff lef it more pliable.


Yes, wer are making progress. Slow but progresss never the less.


I hope that the weather clears up for you. We had 80degress the other day. Everything will start to sprout and bloom soon



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