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Summing the first week of March 2011



Here in Atlanta Georgia March 2011 came in like a lamb weather wise. Got out in the yard and raked up all the leaves, cleaned the flowerbed and put fertilize in to increase nutrition of soil. I won't plant in that bed until we have a good rain, penetrate the soil.



Were doing something different this year for the veggie garden.


Carl has been lugging around the bed frame of a water bed for some 10 years.


I have made a garden box 72” x 84”. Went to the county for free mulch and filled it up. Oh, BTW we set it up in our front yard. We dumped all the pails ofdirt that we used last year as our container garden on top. Have fertilized and will leave it sit until we have a penetrating rain also.





I cleaned the flower bed along the driveway next to our neighbor. Removed all the weed vines that intertwine on our fence from our neighbor.


I'll spray weed kill after it rains.





The next door neighbors lot runs from the street behind up to our street. So we have their back yard. The lady that owns the house moved north and rented it out.The renters only cut the grass close to the house (I've asked they didn't respond).



So, we have a beautification problem next door. I tolerated it last year, this year I reported it to the code enforcement. I'm not being mean or upset about it, but I would love to see the Hosta plants and Red Cannon flowers that are so beautiful



The landlord stopped by to get my list of problems he needs to fix. I need the roof swept off, so I showed the landlord the leaks I have in my bedroom (discoloration on the ceiling from last years down pores.) So, he cleaned off the roof. Now I can clean the front flower bed. My outside space is looking pretty good. I have one more space in front of the driveway.


I got my excise, fresh air and sunshine. More to come. Saturday and night is rained slow and steady.


Update on Carl: he is practicing his list and putting it into action talking at the coffee shop.


Pictures will be coming soon.








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Hey Jeannie, I love the use of the water bed frame, that is some genius recycling. You and Carl are a great team.


I hope all you garden plans accelerate once you have the rain you need.



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I can kinda see where you live, visualize, and sounds like you are very active in getting things together!

You'll be able to get outside more in a few more days. Just be careful, Carl is watching you! :rolleyes:

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