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After breast cancer last year, I was hoping and praying 2011 would be a year without health challenges. It didn't take long after the beginning of the year for that to change when I had a second stroke. This one affected my left hand and through physical therapy, I now just have numbness in several fingers. I know that this, too, can change as I had the same numbness in my left foot after the first stroke and it went away about eighteen months later. No complaints here...I am thankful to still be around and loving each and every day. I just had a mammogram last week and all looks good for cancer remission.


I still watch our grandson, Logan, who will be three in July several days a week. I am blessed to be such a big part of his life...if I were still working, I wouldn't have this opportunity. This week he told me, "now that you have hair, you are a hot chick." Where in the world did he ever hear this??? This is the same little fella who told me after he sniffed my new purfume that I smelled like a skunk. So maybe I am a hot chick who smells like a skunk..lol.


I continue to volunteer and have added both the Wellness Community (cancer center) and Hospice. This is in addition to Make A Wish and Be A Kid Again. The Wellness Community is dear to my heart and I have made so many new friends there. Of course, you don't make too many friends at Hospice but if I can just do one deed for them while they are there...I feel honored. You can just pass them a glass of water or turn a different radio station on or switch the tv...easy things. I have always had respect for stroke caregivers but being at Hospice has tripled this respect. You give so much of yourself to loved ones and there are many times when you are exhausted.



Life continues to be good. I am anxious to get out in the yard and do some plantings. We have some greenery coming up now..the rain this week and then several days of sunshine are the magic that is needed. Spring is such a time of rebirth.


I love all of my Stroke Net friends and keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. As a stroke survivor and hopefully a cancer survivor, I will never give up as I have too much to live for. My husband still has six years to work, so I am just hanging out until he gets to retire and we are able to enjoy retirement every day together. To all my stroke survivor and caregiver friends...don't ever give up.


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thanks for update, uou are truly inspirational woman. you better share your secret of inner strength. I get so much strength just reading your blog. thanks for being here for us.



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I am sorry to hear about the 2nd stroke. But, I am so happy that you get to spend time with your wonderful grandson. What a blessing.

You are doing such wonderful works.

Thank for you keeping us in touch with you life.


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Stessie, You are inspirational to this site. Your grandson is you life line. Hold on your in for a rough time with your second stroke but that little boy will pull you thew. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail:

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Stessie: Ditto to previous posts. I don't know how you get that strong inner strength either. I keep hearing when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, I'm ready. Keep on trucking Stessie...you are an inspiration to us all. Hugs, Leah :hug:

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