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Happy Birthday



Bruce will be 61 next Wednesday. I am trying to figure out just how to celebrate and make his time special. But Ole Man Winter just keeps on acomin'. More snow due on Friday. Seems for the longest time I watch the weather channel every Sunday in order to make our plans for the week. Between the errands, his work, my work and the pool, we don't get a lot of free days to work on new stuff. But Lady Spring is coming, as she always does. Just not quick enough.


Last night his friends from work came for an early celebration. They can not come next week. Brought a chocolate cake (great, just what he needs), cookies and of course they ordered pizza. I was able to get the box store run for the month done and they always help with the unloading and put away.


Been thinking about the incontinence issue. I came up with trying his old clothes: jeans, Tshirt and long-sleeve shirt over that. I must say, when I come around the corner, I have had some starts. He really looks like the old Bruce, very sad. He doesn't quite know how he feels yet about this. Was excited to see them out when he got out of the shower, but as the day progresses and he realizes how much more work it is for him: has to stand longer, takes more time, less flexible that the sweats. And he now can not refuse the caregivers at bedtime because he has to change into night clothes. We have Physiatrist tomorrow after the pool and I have dress clothes laid out. He smiled when he saw them, but we shall see in the morning.


However, folks, some incredible news. Leo, of course, knew about all of this. Took Bruce to BR and moved WC back from bed so he could have Bruce stand to change clothes. Leo told Bruce to hang onto his shoulder for balance, but apparently Bruce had good balance and let go and took down his jeans and pulled up most of his night pants! But wait! There's more! Leo said to Bruce, well now that you are standing, lets just walk to the bed and Bruce did! (Need emoticon here). I can't tell you the smile I got when I got home from taking Leo to the bus stop. I said to Bruce this is like Happy Birthday to you to me. Debbie


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Here are some emoticons to describe how I felt just reading this.

:happydance: :You-Rock: :laughbounce:

The street clothes are a great idea, I kept Ray in those all through, the sweats are only for lazy at home days or when he is sick. Wearing street clothes for Ray makes him ready to take out so I am more able to go out when I want to.


It is more work, for him and for me, but it is worth it to "normalize" the situation and help him feel he is still the man he used to be. And people still tell him how well he looks and that is partly due to the fact that he looks well-presented.



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Happy Birthday to Bruce and ((hugs)) from me. Hope this year is a happy, healthy, more rewarding year for you both. :happybday:


Julie (who won't let Larry wear his

sweats out except for home and exercise)

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What nice news for you Debbie. Lights of hope always shining. I can't imagine how great Bruce must feel. Happy Birthday to Bruce and good feelings to you.



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Well Debbie,


Since the snow keep on coming, and the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I think his favorite cake will do the trick for him and maybe some ice cream too! Even if it comes from Walmart, saves you being in the kitchen fixing one!


At 61, he still should love sweets! I do, and my wife buys more cookies than I can eat in a week!


Happy birthday for next Wednesday!!! :happybday: :big_grin:

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Whoopee!! :Clap-Hands: :happydance:


That's wonderful news Debbie. I've got a big smile on my face for both of you!



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What a dream... Happy birthday Bruce...and congratulations.


Will miracle never cease???


Keep up the good work.


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