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Away From Home



Honestly, one never knows what tomorrow brings. We had no rain in Texas for so long it was a drought. Now I'm in Louisiana, it's raining and the Mississippi river water is coming this way next week. I would think it being 15 feet below sea level and thw river water is coming, some homes will be lost again! We are helping grab what we can and hitail it back to Texas.


I've never drove so much, worked so hard as a disabled man as I am doing now. That tells me love has no limits in doing for family members and in-lawship. I hope to be home in a few days. I got to see my wife's oldest grandaughter graduate from high school as an honor grad in her class of 2011! Now my wife has the little 6 year old who lives with us being promoted to the third grade next month. She'll be 7 in August. Sh reads bed time stories (to me) before I go to sleep every night. Then she falls asleep in her grandma's arms and her mom comes in and take her to her bedroom!


You know only God knows what leevees will hold or break when the unknown force of water hits this area. The last time being 1937 but not this strong as predicted now! We all will be holding our breath and praying for the best possible outcome. I shall see you all in a few days or maybe Sunday night. I'm expected to hit the bed and pass out for a day or two. :unsure:


One more thing, my wife's ex and his now wife is here and looking to move to higher ground and they are thinking of moving back to Georgia where they went after Katrina in 2005. He was glad to see his two kids. That was his son's daughter that graduated, his grand daughter, my step grand daughter. His daughter lives with me and her mom with her daughter who reads to me, her favorite Pa-Pa. She calls her mom's dad Pops! She really doesn't know him and shy's away when she see him. It's still a wonderful life we have. People go around you know. I'm on my fourth time around the circle!


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Fred, you have a way of making people and their problems seem so "today" as if they are here in front of me. You are so gracious in your dealings with folk. In my late Dad's eyes that would make you "one of Nature's true gentlemen".



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Fred: I love yuor blogs. Hurry up and drive to higher ground. The people in the flood areas have had more than their share, that's for sure. I got a kick out of your telling about your ex's and their kids, grandkids, etc. My first husband had been married 4 times before me. I know, I was nuts, but only 23 and madly in love and nobody to give me sound advice. He had 2 married daughters at the time. We lasted for 11 years. At one of his grandson's weddings, he was there with his now wife and 2 ex's, one of which was me with my husband!! I am a grandmother and great-grandmother but never had any kids. I see them on occasion and they call me grandma and I love them all. Crazy world we live in. My husband of 26 years has been accepted since day one. Stay safe and rest up when you get home...traveling is tiring for us strokers. Leah

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Fred wonderful blog. My prayers are with all those battling flood waters.

The little 7 year old reading bedtime stories to pa pa is just precious. What an endearing pa pa you are Fred.

It may be your fourth time around but it sounds as if your meant for each other. God bless you both.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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you never do know what life will spring at you. You are doing wonders as a survivor. God kept you around for a reason. Keep helping and working for others. You are an angel.


Get back home safely.



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Thanks everybody, I was trying to wait a few days before I came back and made any remarks. As you may know they opened the gates at the spill way and those people will be flooded out by Thursday this week. This action is suppose to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans from flooding again.


The news on all the TV channels got the whole stories from every aspect and it's sad somebody got to suffer damage. I guess 1500 is better than thousands suffering flooding from the Mississippi river. I never would have build a home in that area that is subject to flooding without flood insurance.


Anyway we made it back OK and my wife's families are all okay so we await the day the river reaches it's highest point! :unsure:

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