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Just wanted to add. In another topic I discussed medical marijuana and how effective it has been managing some nagging neurologic pain that I've had since post stroke. Though I'm relatively new employing cannabis products for prescription substitutes, another positive benefit that I've experienced is that it has great sedative benefits. I currently take a capsule of the sativa blend at bedtime and it allows me to doze off very peacefully and soundly. I'm currently prescribed by my PCP Ambien (Zolpediem) for sleep as I've had my biological clock kinda reset since my brain event. I've been using medical marijuana now for a few years and tried an array of the products from our dispensaries here in Florida. I've mainly tried the oral delivery methods vs smoking. And have acknowledged the benefits over a period of time. The products have allowed me to substitute using them vs opioids for effective pain management, but have also realized benefits such as an effective sleep medication. A blessing. 


Another realized benefit in addition to positive pain management and sleep substitute, it also works magic with the prostrate for this older curmudgeon. Very positive report using this medication legally in the state of Florida. I hope that in time that the Government makes it legal on the Federal level so that it may reach a wider population of people that could benefit from these products and make them more widely available to those who may wish to use them for medicinal reasons. At my age/health I don't see myself using them for recreational reasons but, certainly glad that they are available to us at the state levels for medicinal causes.

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