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Spring has finally arrived in upstate NY and decided to quit teasing us and stick around. Or maybe it is summer that has arrived too soon. The fans are going, the air conditioner is in the shed at my brothers. I guess Bill and I will be staying in yankee territory for awhile. Which works out really well, am old friend called and invited us up to the Adirondacks for a weekend anytime in the next month. The Adirondack mountains are simply gorgous, no doubt about it. Of course they are further upstate then I am now, but still worth the 2 hour trip to get there. I'd like Bill to see the Adirondack area and all of its natural beauty. We live almost in the Catskill Mountain ranges shadow, so the Catskills are molehills compared to the Adirondacks.


Lately the X and I have found that circumstance has had us working together on a few things. It is a good feeling to know that yes, I am glad he is out of my life, and yes, some people never change. In light of knowing those two things, I can really say that my life is much better since I stroked. Yes, it is different, I am different. But being different has turned into being such a positive growing phase for me personally.

If I hadn't stroked, I'd still be stuck in the shallowness that was my life back then. I'd still be conditioned to be the Stepford wife of Columbia County, cleaning that mueseam that was what we called home. I'd never have explored the internet or expanded my knowledge or read of the writers of the Romantic period, both American and English. But most of all I wouldn't have appreciated each morning and each day quite as much as I do. I never would have discovered my fondness for poetry, especially Kahil Gibran and Rumi and of course my original William Moyers poem that was written just for me.

There seems to be so much to be thankful for since I stroked that I am tired of typing them all. Seems I've run out of words.


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I m so happy for you, you are able to embrace your life after stroke and it has turn out better than ur prestroke life. Man you are lucky woman, Bill cooks for u, drive u around and also write poems for u, wow





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Pam, I am echoing Asha here. I know you have fought to get to where you are now, the woman you are now is born of that struggle. But it was all worth the effort to you, and that is what counts. You have re-invested your life in growth and the getting of wisdom.


Bill is a good man and you two should get on just fine. I hope the trip to the mountains inspires both of you.



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