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We had a busy past 3 days.... Bill and I now reside in my old house on Maple Ave. It has been a fight to get in here, and moving with everything packed in plastic shopping bags makes it difficult to find anything, cause all the bags are the same.


But I find it very wierd being back here. It is a strange sense of de ju vu. I still remember all the places where the floor dips and I remember what cabinets everything was in.


Course we started moving stuff friday, the dsl connection, phone and cable was all switched over then, so we were straddling between 2 places till yesterday. Friday, the X shows up with my son and his daddy(moral support?) the X is just livid, I've moved back in. He was trying to provoke an arguement or implie threats. I calmly told him if he couldn't say what he meant, I didn't want to hear it. I asked him if his reaction he was looking for from me was one of quaking in my shoes and being intimidated by him, Mufasa? Needless to say he left frustrated, cause I didn't react to what he was threatning. He said he'd send the mortgage to me, I said, Nope, I'm not paying it. He asked if I thought I was moving in here and not going to pay a dime? I reminded him, I originally offered to pay half the mortgage when I asked him for the key. I then reminded him that he and his girl friend got nasty, so I decided I wasn't paying a thing. I told him if he wanted the house to go into foreclosure, instead of selling it, so be it. The look on his face was priceless. It is all about one upping the other now, the gauntlet is down, we've risen to a whole new level of nastiness. But I'll no longer accept being treated as less then cause I had a stroke. He is mad cause I haven't just gone away. I'm still here, still affecting his life, in some way and he has no control over it. He finally got tired of trying to start a fight. It is hard to argue with yourself.

So now my days will be filled with emptying out the shopping bags of my stuff. I have to get it done in a timely manner so the house is ready to show for a potential buyer. I'm back to being a slave of housework.


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That's a big house compared to the apartment you just left. Close the doors on the rooms you don't need to use and cut your house work in half. That way you can get ready for the reality agenda showings much quicker.


Boy, am I glad I never had any x-husbands lying around. As the song says, "Breaking up is hard to do." Hang in there!!!


:friends: Jean

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Congrats Pam.... It is hard to argue with yourself..lol


Let him be the nasty one he will look like the a$$ he is.


As Jean says, close off the rooms you don't use, so you'll just have to do a little dusting in those rooms. I put out a couple dishes of popourri (sp). My cat's nose has been out of joint, as she can't go in the "guest bedroom" and nap on the bed... I just cleaned the room and got new bedding..(lol) I have a blanket down on the living room couch for her (I'm not a really mean mommy)..


Well now you are making "new memories" in your old house.



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Congratulations Pam!!!!


I can't wait for that day. It's too bad you don't get to keep the house, that would really get his goat (don't have better words to describe it).


Have a great time while there and make some good memories!



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