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100 things you probably don't know about me.



Do we REALLY know each other?


I challenge other Stroke Network bloggers to make a list on their blog of 100 things we do not know about you!


1. I had a rare type of Brain Stem stroke on the Pons. It caused quadriplegia and loss of speech. My stroke happened in France while I was on a business trip. This occurred over 20 years ago in 1994.

2. I founded the very first on-line stroke support group on the Internet in 1996. This group became known as The Stroke Network in 2001.

3. When I was little I used to collect bottles for refunds so I could buy a Slurpy.

4. I had a paper route when I was a kid.

5. I was an Alter Boy when I was in 4th grade.

6. I am good at math.

7. I have a good sense of humor.

8. I do not like controlling women.

9. Bossy women turn me off.

10. When I was little, I was sitting at dinner with my whole family one night when I decided to tease my little sister. I put a single pea in her glass of milk when she wasn't looking. When she finished drinking her milk she found the pea and started crying.

11. I used to throw rocks, when I was a kid, at cars and then run. I never got caught.

12. I am a good swimmer, good water and snow skier and good at most sports.

13. I have always been athletic.

14. I never did hard drugs.

15. I smoked pot in high school.

16. I was never a bully nor was I ever picked on.

17. I had hair over my shoulders in high school.

18. I joined the Army at 18.

19. I love organization, structure and discipline.

20. I never had KP the whole time I was in the Army.

21. I started dating my wife at 16.

22. We got married when I was still 19, she was 20.

23. I have never been overweight by more than 10 lbs.

24. I have 4 grandchildren.

25. Everyone in my immediate family has green in their eyes.

26. I have an AA degree in Engineering Technology and a BS degree in Management.

27. I have the GI Bill. The government discontinued this benefit 2 weeks after I joined the service.

28. I was a draftsman for the first several years after discharge from the service.

29. After my draftsman job, I worked in a lab.

30. I love watching football.

31. I only watch baseball if my team is winning.

32. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I am in the middle.

33. I am a workaholic.

34. I wished I lived in Key West.

35. My second choice is Hawaii.

36. I love the beach and the ocean.

37. I love thunderstorms.

38. I prefer to work with women.

39. I hate gossip.

40. I am a loyal friend.

41. I do not lie.

42. I live a very moral and boring life. I am proud of this!

43. My ancestor was Myles Standish from the Mayflower. It is documented and I have a flow chart of my lineage on my personal web site.

44. I have had Type II diabetes since 2008.

45. I have an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution and one who fought in the Civil War.

46. My personal website is at http://www.stevemallory.org/

47. I love to watch movies about war.

48. I know a lot about WWII.

49. I hate chick flix.

50. I used to read every Tom Clancy and John Grisham book.

51. I have traveled to several countries. The USA is the best place in the world.

52. I have been to Monte Carlo.

53. I have been to topless beaches on the French Riviera.

54. I have had Central Pain Syndrome (CPS) since 1998.

55. I used to beat up my little brother.

56. I taught my daughters bathroom noises. They still make them. My wife is really mad about that.

57. I used to take my daughters out to dinner every Friday night.

58. I have bugged out early from work to play golf.

59. I have been to Korea several times.

60. I give everyone nicknames.

61. I used to flirt a lot.

62. I love southern accents and southern manners on women.

63. I am a butt man.

64. I wear fitted boxers.

65. I do not smoke.

66. I do not drink except socially.

67. I like to work hard but like to play harder.

68. My favorite seafood is a crab cake. I also like steamed shrimp.

69. I do not like most vegetables.

70. My favorite cake is Red Velvet.

71. I like a good cheese steak sub.

72. I really really do not like lima beans.

73. I can make hot dogs and French toast. This is about the extent of my cooking knowledge.

74. My daughters and me used to kick my wife out of bed on Saturday mornings to make us pancakes.

75. I hate spiders.

76. My favorite movie is Band of Brothers. I have watched all 10 series about 25x.

77. My cat sticks his tail straight up and vibrates it when he wants somebody to scratch his head. The whole time he is doing this he prances around your feet.

78. I like rock and roll played really loud.

79. I like to listen to Christian Rock.

80. I have television on my computer.

81. I like to tease everyone, especially women!

82. I can play the piano by ear.

83. I cannot sing, now nor ever.

84. I don't like green eggs and ham.

85. I have never spanked my kids.

86. I have never cheated on my wife.

87. I have a happy marriage. I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 1977.

88. I have two cats. One of them snores.

89. My hair started turning gray when I was only 18. It is completely gray now.

90. I still have most of my hair.

91. Both of my daughters never had a cavity.

92. Both of my daughters were walking before 1 year old.

93. My daughter graduated from college with a grade point average of 3.5.

94. My wife can do almost ANYTHING!

95. I hate the local news.

96. I detest bad cop shows.

97. I am a Republican. I used to be a democrat, though.

98. I do not agree with most Democratic views. As I get older, I have become more conservative.

99. I think Letterman is an idiot and a total jerk.

100. I voted for Bush twice.


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i think letterman is a jerk too!!!! i don't see WHY he is so popular. the only one more obnoxious than letterman is LENO!!!!!!! i hate local news too and i know why. they ALWAYS interview the most ignorant country bumpkin looking people they can find regarding any given local story. i'm sitting there thinking there are PEOPLE passing through from other areas sitting in hotel rooms RIGHT now who think that idiot represents ALL of us!!!!!


thanks for sharing!!!


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Thanks for letting me get to know you better Steve. I think the bathroom noises are wonderful! Every kid should know them. And you can tell your wife I said so! biggrin.gif



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hey there steve ole buddy we have some things ion common lo like throwing rocks at cars and running when we were younger lol

i also use to collect bottles for the refund amount to play video games and buy candy beer.gif

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reading this almost 10 years after it was written is like finding a time capsule. I wonder if you would change any of them today?

Thanks for sharing.


I hate bossy anybodies who are usually bossy nobodies.

I wear slippers out in public but they are cute ones.

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:horse: thank you for sharing about yourself. Funny how something as simple as that post, shows how alike we ALL are.. I'm trying to make my list now :) The gauntlet has been thrown sir!!! 

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Steve, is that what my cat is wanting when she does that?!!!! I have always wanted to know what that means!!! Thanks for the list. I loved it! I will have to start working on mine now although I don't think there are 100 things I can tell about myself. I will get as close as possible though.

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100 things you may not know about me

1. I am a twin

2.my favorite food is pizza

3.I really hate cheese

4. I'm Lactose intolerant

5. I love Vaudeville anything

6. I started to study Buddhism after my stroke

7. I love classical music

8. I played the clarinet in school for 9 years

9. I can play a little in the piano by ear

10. My first concert was Siouxsie and the Banshees

11. I've had my hair every color in the rainbow

12.I was never good at math and my father was a math teacher... go figure?!?!?!

13.I am a huge Florida Gator football fan

14.I had a tummy tuck 

15. I will argue till I'm blue in the face

16. In my mind I'm alway right

17.I really dig piercings and tattoos on guys

18. I was asked to model as a child but mom said no

19. I was going to attend Ford Modeling until I found out i was pregnant 

20.I used to be really good at golf

21. I used to be pit crew for my son when he raced dirt bikes


23. I have started to enjoy cooking

24. As a kid we had a Newfoundland dog

25. I was the tallest girl in my elementary school

26. I wasn't allowed to be in the same classroom as my sister...teehee

27.I have always stuttered

28.I have OCD

29. I love all kinds of music

30. scratch that.. i dislike country

31. I loved working hospice

32. I was raised Catholic

34. I remember the Challenger explosion

35. I can't make the rolling r sound with my tongue

36. My favorite show was The Sopranos 

37. I love going to New York City

38.I took french in school

39.I always wanted to be a coroner

40. I have never been a good speller

41. I worked with first time mommies

42. I had to call DYFS on a mother who was a threat to her child

43.I secretly want my parents dog

44. I want a pitbull rescue

45. I saw Benny Goodman with my father

46. I dislike basketball

47.I went to cheerleading camp at UF ( GO GATORS)

48. I am afraid of the dark

49. I believe in Ghosts

50. A house near mine as a child was hit by lightning

51. I used to go cow tipping near my house in Cape May Point

52. I had to go to Pennsylvania when we were evacuated for a hurricane

53. i survived Hurricane Andrew

54.I've never seen a tornado

55. I hope I haven't lost count

56.I love watching Hannibal

57. I studied Tae Kwon Do

58. I am a 2nd degree black belt

59. I was only able to spar men

60. I was trained to fight

61. I love to swim

62. I have a fear of sharks

63.I am an Independant.. 

65. I was never asked out in High school ( Dad was teacher and football coach)

66.I hardly ever get hit on or asked out

67. My ex husband is still my best friend

68. I secretly love nerdy shows

69.I have always wanted to go to comic con

70.I used to play on line RPG games

71. I have Body Dysmorphic issues 

72.I cant make myself burp

73. I used to smoke

74. I've been drug free for 25 years

75. I went into drug rehab when I was 16

76. I am an open book.. sometimes to open

77. I am brutally honest

78.I shaved off my hair for a friend

79. I loved playing in the mud with my kids

80. I still think every body of water in NJ has alligators 

81. My cousins had me convinced the Jersey Devil was in their backyard..... IN PA 

82. I have a secret crush

83 love making people smile84.I belong to the ASPCA

84 I use to throw jellyfish at my sister 

86. I used to sing in the mirror

87. My sister and I turned our basement into a skating rink

88. I am OBSESSED with clean teeth

89.I love watching trashy talk shows

90. I watch Jeopardy 

91. My sister and I were the only twins in our town

92. I was close to my late grandmother

93.I love chocolate too much

94. I don't like swimming pools

95.i can sit at the beach for hours

96.i was a junior lifeguard

97. I pride myself with the gift of gab

98.i still dress up for halloween

99. i can't believe I made it this far

100. I can finally breath 

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Steve, man you are good, I couldn't even remember half that much in my case... I will say if Jeb Bush happen to win you will have another time to vote Bush again!!!!


That would make history with a father and two sons all being presidents of the United States at different times..... I sure don't know who will win the White House this time around!!!!!

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100 things you don't know about jayallen


1. I have a bs in psychology

2. I have an msa general administration

3. I lost a grandson at 5 days in Oct 2012

4. I have two brothers

5. I'm a middle child

6. My mom died in 1989

7. My dad died in 2001

8. I married a homecoming queen

9. I met my wife while doing a play with the local theater group

10. I hugged my boss when she fired me

11. My two best biss's I worked for we're women

12. I was a great leader of people, pre stroke

13. My confidence has been shaken

14. I love the people I've met here, okay maybe you know that.

14. I struggled to read as a kid

15. I had a crush on my 7th grade social studies teacher

16. I'm not a religious person.

17. I have struggled with depression post stroke

18. I have a passion for live theater.

19. I question if u can go back on stage with my memory issues.

20. I graduated hs in 1979

21. I have two step kids.

22. I claim all for kids as mine I raised them.


24 im 53

25. My birthday is Sept. 20.

26. Ive been married 27+ years

27. I was a great manager, pre stroke.

28. I was a loyal employee

29. I could motivate people

30. I taught classes at a local private college

31 my given name is John

32. Jayallen is my pen name. My initials john Allen Y. Allen my middle name I use as a surname


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OK. Dunno if I'll get to 100 but here's my list:

1. I was a journalist for more than 30 years.

2. For a while I was a bit of a celebrity in a big city.

3. I am married with a wife, two sons and a daughter.

4. I have seven grandchildren--four boys and 3 girls

5. I have a degree in political science.

6. I once covered a KKK rally.

7. I have interviewed all of Charlie's Angels from the TV show.

8. I am a liberal Democrat but a tough kind that believes in a strong military and fiscal responsibility.

9. I was on active duty in the Army during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

10. I was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska for a while.

11. I was also stationed in Germany.

12. I voted for every Democrat who has run for president since I became old enough to vote. That includes Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, all of whom I voted for twice. I am proud of all of those votes.

13. I was a bit of a car nut for a while.

14. I love dogs.

15. I feed birds and squirrels from feeders on my deck.

16. I sent all 3 of my kids through college and two of them on through law school.

18. My wife graduated from college at the age of 49.

19. One of my grandsons is named after me.

20. I retired at the age of 55 and I'm really glad that I did.

21. I am grateful to be able to provide care for my wife now that she has had a stroke.

22. I have been married for more than 49 years to the same woman and I still love her.

23. I don't hate much but I do hate bigotry.

24. I have no patience with people who refuse to learn the facts or who simply ignore them.

25. My daughter is adopted, my sons are not. My daughter was five when we adopted her.

26. I once helped a guy break back into prison.

27. I've known my oldest friend since we were in the first grade together 65 years ago. He had a stroke more than 3 years ago.

28. My best friend killed himself.

29. My first love got killed in a plane crash more than 20 years after we had our romance.

30. I have full Vietnam GI Bill of Rights benefits but I never got sent to Vietnam.

31. I am afraid of heights.

32. My father was in the Army during WW2, my brother was in during the Korean War and I was in during Vietnam but only our father was sent to a combat zone.

33. I was once nominated for a Pulitzer Price. I didn't win.

34. I was once on Good Morning America.

35. I lived in the Chicago area for 20 years. 

36. I don't like cold weather.

37. I like good wine.

38. I never drink alone.

39. I detest Fox News.

40. I was once on Bill O'Reilly's show. I didn't like him and thought he was a bit of a bozo. I still do.

41. I once interviewed Barbara Walters. She was interesting and bright.

42. Dan Rather was very down to earth even when he was at the peak of his career. I liked him.

43. I'm almost 71 years old and my hair is finally turning gray. But it is still thick.

44. I love to read the newspaper each day.

45. I do not think newspapers are dying, they are simply changing to adapt to the arrival of new media.

46. I had a pet raccoon when I was a kid and I used to take him for walks in various stores on a leash.

47. I once had two pet alligators. Actually they were caymans. They escaped. One was caught years later and was over 4 feet long.

48. I once slept in a tent on a frozen lake in the middle of Alaska. We had a stove in that tent but it was still really cold.

49. One of my sons got married in Norway. It was very complicated to get everyone from the U.S. to there. The marriage lasted one year.

50. My brother's oldest son got married in France. That marriage lasted a year, too.

51. My wife and I eloped. We got married in city hall. We grabbed a guy who had come to pay his water bill and got him to be our witness. That marriage has now lasted more than 49 years.

52. I  paid $12 for my wife's wedding band. Years later I bought her a very nice diamond to replace it but she still wore that old band under the new ring.

53. I grew up in the Jim Crow South but I strongly and openly supported the Civil Rights movement.

54. I'm a decent cook.

55. My wife and I once left a $500 tip for a single mom who waited on us. The bill itself was less than $15.

56. I enjoy all kinds of music. Except for the loud artificial stuff, that is.

57. I have insatiable curiosity about most everything.

58. I am relentless when pursuing information.

59. I do not tolerate fools easily.

60. I have been to Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Heidelberg, Oslo, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Vienna, Salzburg, Geneva and London and I think I like Vienna the best. But it's close.

61. A few years ago I returned to the German town in which I had been stationed nearly 50 years earlier. I didn't recognize a damn thing. That's when I knew I was old.

62. I snore.

63. I had rheumatic fever as a kid but it did not do lasting damage. I hid if from the Army when I joined.

64. My brother has the highest IQ of anyone I know. It is 150 on a real IQ test. Mine is lower.

65. My brother became a commissioned officer when he was 19. I was a Specialist Four when I got out of the Army at age 21.

66. My brother's wife died when she was 46 and he wound up raising all 3 of their children. They turned out great. I am really impressed.

67. My youngest son's company went public about a year ago and it made him a multi-millionaire. I'm getting a lot of fun out of watching him enjoy his wealth. So far, he's still a good guy. I expect that will always be the case.

68. My older son just accepted a promotion to a job in his company's heardquarters in Paris. He talked them into letting him remain based where he was, in North Carolina. The company agreed and will even provide an apartment for him to use when he is in Paris each month.

69. I am at the stage of life where I really like to brag about my kids. They are my finest accomplishments.

70. I feel sorry for people who never wanted children.

71. I never met a bad person who loved dogs. I never met a good person who was unkind to animals.

72. I enjoy bullying bullies at times.

73. I was once threatened by the KKK.

74. I was never a good athlete but all three of my kids were.

75. I have very blue eyes, even now.

76. I think most poor people work hard. I see nothing wrong with helping them as long as they need it.

77. I would and could kill anyone who harmed someone I love but I do not believe in capital punishment. That's just too much power to put in the hands of the state.

78. I think a lot more money needs to be spent on stroke research.

79. I was a smart soldier but not a particularly good one. It was too boring, except for my buddies.

80. I think we need to bring back the draft. An all-volunteer military is not good for democracy and not good for our young people either. It makes it far too easy to start a war when other people's kids have to do the fighting

 OK, I've run out of list items now.



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You folks are impressive!  I'll try to get a couple:

1.  I am part yupik eskimo and part arkansas hillbilly

2.  I served in the USAF from Feb 1969 to June 1994 (enlisted 1969 to 1981, commissioned 1983 to 1994)

3.  I was a Chinese linguist, then an intelligence officer.

4.  I have lived in 21cities/towns in 11 states and four countries

5.  My wife and I have two sons and three grand daughters.

6.  I will retire for the third time sometimes in the next five years.

7.  I completed an MBA about six months before having a hemorrhagic stroke.

8.  I like to fish and hunt.

9.  I've given up hunting due to mild hemi-paresis and low proprioception.

10. I hold a commercial SEL pilot's license

11.  I have one living brother and one living sister

12.  Our youngest brother passed away in 1995.

13.  The United States has had 12 Presidents in my lifetime.

14.  The "state in which I was born did not become a state until I was 10 years old.

15.  I dislike CA because people there spit on me and other military members during two of my tours of duty there.

16.  I love the cold but can no longer live in cold weather due to its affect on my skin.

17.  One of my Aunts had a husband who was a state Governor for 12 years.

18.  I met a moonshiner in the ozarks on a back road.  He was driving a wooden wagon pulled by two mules.

19.  I played in the orchestra in elementary, junior high, high school and college.  I played violin in elementary through high school, viola in HS, and bull fiddle in HS and college.

20.  Although I've lead singing in church service, I've got a horrible singing voice.

21.  I've preached in three different congregations.

22.  I've attended four different colleges.

23.  I attended three different elementary schools, two junior high schools and only one high school.

24 I have flown in Grumman goose, PBY's, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, DC-8, Connies, Boeing 720B's, Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC-9, MD-80,L1011, MD-11, Cessna 150, 172, 182, 207, Piper Cub, Piper Cherokee, Piper Comanche, Piper Arrow, and T-41.

I piloted Cessna 150, 172, Piper Cherokee, Piper Comanche, Piper Arrow, and T-41.

25. I cannot accept the platform (in total) of any political party.  I am slightly conservative.  I have voted for republicans and democrats.  I try to find an honest politician for whom to vote but feel there may be none left.

26.  I don't know for certain where we will go to retire, but it will likely be TX, the front range in CO, or western WA.

27.  I believe phones are to talk on, not to use for picture taking or going on the internet and texting.

28.  Tweets are misnamed.  They should be called twits.  They after all come from twitter, not tweeter.

29.  I have been in at least five earthquakes over 5.0

30  I have been through three typhoons, two hurricanes, and had a funnel cloud pass over my backyard.

31.  I was a Star Scout, a senior patrol leader, a junior assistant scoutmaster, an assistant scoutmaster, a scoutmaster, a den father, a cubmaster, a committee member, all total in 4 packs and 6 troops in three countries.

32.  I love to read.  

33.  I have been an elite level frequent flyer on four airlines.

34.  I have been in 47 of the 50 states. 

35.  I think thats about all.


Axel.  Hemorrhagic stroke 2005

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All of you have such interesting info about you. I'm new to this site.  Probably in the wrong spot for my first hello's, but I'll just chalk that up to the gift that keeps on giving!!!! Kris.  Ischemic stroke 2012

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100 Things You Don't Know About Me...


Entry posted by  tmciriani · August 17, 2016



I got inspiration for this blog by reading another blogger's post on his blog and I found it interesting. So here it goes...


1. I'm adopted


2. I grew up in the country in Tennessee.


3. I am afraid of clowns.


4. As a child we found a puppy on the freeway so "Freeway" was his name.


5. I got a baby goose one Easter. He grew up and was named Pretty boy...as an adult he was not nice.


6.My second car was a 1982 Datsun 280 ZX with T-tops...I loved that car.


7. I have two birth marks.


8. When I was little my mom worked three jobs to support my brother, sister, and me after her and my dad divorced. My Aunt and Uncle were like 2nd parents to me...I miss them dearly.


9. My sister and I used to play outside a lot and we are from the country - farm girls - so we found things to do to have fun. We used to pickle Polk Salad stalks and make pies out of the purple berries that grow on the very big stalks (no we never ate them my mom said they were poisonous but we loved to pretend).


10. When I was about 7 I rode a little cow in my uncles tobacco barn...my brother and sister did too. It was like bull riding cause they didn't like it and they bucked so we would see who could ride the longest. As an adult it seems a bit cruel but looking back we treated all of our cows like they were pets...named them, anticipated and named new babies, and they each would still come eat some grain out of our hands if it was offered so I don't feel too bad. No cows or humans were hurt in the process.


11. We had much worse winters when I was little and we would sled down a huge hill on the dirt road in front of our Aunt and Uncles house. No one could get up the hill if there was snow or ice so I don't remember ever seeing a car. My daughter is 20 now but I can't imagine letting her ever do that. Things change don't they.


12. I was really smart in school - all A's and B's...and competitive (quietly) I was determined to make the best grades.


13. A boy kissed me on the cheek in kindergarten and I rubbed my face the rest of the whole day! That was yuck at 5.


14. My school was an old brick school with two floors and grades K-12...when I moved from sixth grade to seventh they had built a new elementary school and instead of all grades it was just 7-12.


15. The first time a boy asked me to "go with him" I said no but he kept coming back and asking me so I said yes and then counted to 30 and proceeded to break up with him. Not one of my proudest moments.


16. My first kiss was with that same boy like two years later and he had braces. Ouch...we really had no idea what we were doing.


17. I'm a Sagittarius.


18. I was a cheerleader in school.


19. I used to draw very well in high school and made a 100 with the exception of one 98 in my art class...I took 2 years and was my teacher's assistant the 3rd year. I still have all of my drawings and plan to one day matte and frame them.


20. I got 2 red roses from a secret admirer in high school. I found out that day when he approached me who it was...a real nerd. At least that's what we used to say. I have been so vain in my youth. I bet he is a millionaire now...a true computer geek and probably the nicest guy you could meet. I know in some way I missed out...I never would have thought it but I have since I've grown up lots of times.


21. I got married when I was 21 and divorced when I was 34. Today I am not actually married...but I have been living in sin as my mother would call it for 10 years and I call him my husband and he calls me his wife.


22. My step-dad is a Preacher.


23. My step-mom's mother is 95 years old (my grandmother) her mom lived to be 101 and I still remember her.


24. My Nanny (my Dad's mom) was a real old fashioned country mom and grandmother. She made the best biscuits that I can ever remember eating, she had a old cupboard with a flour bin on the left and a roll top on the right, she had a vintage washing machine with rollers to wring out the wet clothes and her bathtub did not have running hot water...we used to warm the water in that old claw foot tub with a water heater thing that looked like a an old microphone.


25. I was 5 years younger than my sister and 6 years younger than my brother...I gained a very active imagination once they were "too old" to play with me.


26. Me and 4 of my best friends won the school talent show one year by acting out a self written play called "The Girl Who Got It All". I was the girl and she got all the illnesses she thought anyone else had (hypochondriac).


27. I played Santa in my fifth grade play "Cajun Night Before Christmas" to celebrate our newest classmate. She was from New Orleans and was Cajun. My friends and I had never met anyone like her.


28. I played Santa my 6th grade year to carol to the 4th and 5th graders.


29. I wanted to be an actress. Can you tell?


30. I have had the weirdest luck or lack of when it came to weird illnesses. I grew up (starting at age 5) having these weird tummy attacks that would end up with us going to the ER...I was misdiagnosed more times than I can remember had more lights down my throat than I can remember and ended up getting an ERCP Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography a weird name for a special endoscopy that looks into your bile and pancreatic ducts. The test caused me to have severe complicated acute pancreatitis with pseudo-cysts. I was 18 and came close to death. :wacko: I still have spells but very rarely...they diagnosed me with some weird hereditary type of pancretitis.


31. I have worked as a preschool teacher in 4 different preschools in 2 states. I got cellulites of the throat at the second school. It's like swallowing shards of glass.


32. I contracted some type of child respiratory bacterial infection that lasted for about a month and a half. I ended up on super high powerful cough medicine and 2 different kinds of inhalers. I would cough so much that I couldn't stop and it would make me throw up every time :mellow:. Getting childhood illnesses as an adult can sometimes be no joke.


33. I went white water rafting on the Ocoee River.


34. My ex-husband was in the Navy we moved a lot.


35. My daughter cost $25 thanks to the Navy and I got to be a patient at a very nice civilian Hospital.


36. I have been on the ocean on the USS Yorktown CG-48 Ticonderoga class cruiser...a US Naval Ship with Aegis technology.


37. I used to water ski.


38. I went to MTSU as an accounting major which I changed to Psychology. I never finished college because I got married and moved away. :Doh:


39. I've met several famous people mostly Musicians because of where I lived and worked. Kesha, one of the ZZ Top guys, Buddy Miller, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and their kids, Keith urban and Nicole Kidman, Hunter Hayes, Joyce DeWitt (Janet from Three's Company), and several others.


40. My favorite foods are Italian.


41. I love all pink things.


42. I was the Etiquette Advisor in my sorority


43. I've milked cows, fed chickens, played and made a house in a hay loft, Learned to cook bake and can when I was about 5, anything you can do on a farm with a barn, cows, and chickens. When I was little we drank raw milk (my Aunt filled up her big bucket everyday) we also made whipped cream from skimming the top and made butter.


44. I used to sell Avon, Mary Kay, Home and Garden Party LTD...I was great at buying but not selling.


45. My kitty's name is "Kitty" She is pur white with a pink nose,pink toes, pink lips, pink ears...oh yeah and she is a boy. :blush-anim-cl: I never knew until I took her to the vet the first time. I just can't look at her and think boy. So he has been a she ever since I found her.


46. When I was 19 I packed up my car and moved to Orlando, Florida for the summer to be close to my then boyfriend...now ex-husband. I had no money other than what I used to get there and found a job about 6 days after I got there and stayed with friends of a friend until I rented a room of my own. I stayed for 3 months.


47. I broke my right ankle when I was 6 playing baseball with my brother and sister. Fell on top of a box of broken glass running to go potty when playing outside and sliced my thigh wide open (like 6-7 inches open).


48. I've never lived alone ever.


49. I'm 5'4".


50. My middle name is Darlene. Always disliked it because I thought it sounded very "red neck" LOL.


51. I partied way too much in college. I went to a Frat house 3 to 4 times a week and partied and goofed around. I had that never been away from Mama syndrome.


52. I am notorious at researching anything and everything about medical stuff, science, the dictionary :toothy grin: yep I was teased about that one when I was young by my own step-brother of all people.


53. I make all my red sauce, marinara, spaghetti, red cream sauce you name it from scratch. I can't stand jarred varieties anymore.


54. I've been to New Brunswick, Canada; Bangor, Maine; Ohio; Michigan; West Virginia; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Georgia; Alabama; Mississippi; Florida; Louisiana; Oklahoma; Texas; Arkansas; Missouri; Illinois; Kentucky; Indiana; Pennsylvania; New York; Massachusetts; Wisconsin; Ontario, Canada and Tennessee. I have lived in Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.


55. I had my first cell phone when I was 34 :rolleyes: yeah I was a late phone bloomer.


56. I graduated high school in 1990.


57. Pretty much my whole family lives in Tennessee but my husband is from California (Born in Lima ,Peru...raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is Italian) he's a mixture.


58. I don't really watch any sports except Futbol (Soccer) and my favorite player by far is Lionel Messi.


59. I have a phobia of spiders. Well I hate bugs in general but spiders I have flipped my car over. :wacko:


60. My next door neighbor to the right has two female Pit Bull puppies and my neighbor to the left has a beautiful Husky/German Shepard mix. I love them and they love me. :)


62. I like to sew and am servicing my Janome so I can sew with my sewing machine rather than just by hand.


63. I like to dig in the dirt. My after stroke project was 2 potted flowers, a potted strawberry plant, 1 pot of mint, and a long container of herbs ( lemon thyme, Italian parsley, basil, and rosemary).


64. I also did a big gardening project... I pulled up all the grass where my shrubs are and hand tilled it with a 4 prong thing, hand tilled in compost, and added a 2 inch layer of red mulch. It was an all month project...but I'm proud of it. I did about 10 minutes at a time and on some days I couldn't at all but I did it.


65. I love taking pictures but I'm pretty terrible at it.


66. I still sleep with a stuffed animal sometimes.


67. I'm fluffy as I prefer to call it.


68. I call my Mom almost every day.


69. I like humor a lot.


70. I still close my eyes and make three wishes when I go under a moving train.

(Only if I'm a passenger)


71. My home town has a Mule Day Parade every year


72. My favorite candy is Werthers Soft Caramels...I avoid buying them because I can eat the whole bag in one sitting. :wacko:


73. I still miss hearing the crickets at night...I never hear them in the city.


74. I'm crafty and I like to make things.


75. As a child I have worked many a garden and grew up eating garden fresh veges all summer and canned or frozen ones all winter. As an adult I have had One vegetable garden for about a month and a half then in one night some type of bug ate 85% of everything because I didn't use some form of pest control.


76. I am silly and love to make up songs with my daughter. We have done it forever. Like one night I sang to the moon because I needed to use the bathroom. It took it off my mind until I could get home.


77. Yes I eat spray whipped cream from a can on occasion :help: and I have trained a partner in crime...my daughter. Its like 3 times a year ok well maybe 4 or 5.


78. I have one more guilty eating pleasure...soft polenta doesn't sound very guilty but the way I make it is. I do use 4 cups of low sodium chicken stock, boil that then pour in enough polenta to get the consistency I need and then whisk in i stick of butter 1 tablespoon at a time, pour in heavy whipping cream to make it thinner and softer and then add 1/2 to 1 cup of Parmesan cheese. OMG! It is the best, most yummy, most warming and satisfying dish I make. You can do nothing but melt into a smile when you take a bite. This is definitely a once in a while dish.


79. My maternal mother passed away in her late 40's of a massive heart attack and my paternal father passed away I think in his 50's of a brain tumor. I have been telling my primary doctor for years that I have keep up with my health because those are not good odds.


80. I am almost the most talkative person I know.


81. I have a brother, a sister, an adopted sister, 2 step-sister's, 1 step-brother, and a step brother and sister who passed away. Oh yeah and 2 half sisters. I have a big extended family.


82. I love to wash clothes and dry them...that doesn't include putting them away I wish it did so I wouldn't dread it LOL.


83. I am an eternal optimist, a dreamer, philosophical, sensitive, strong willed, motivating, passionate, and fiercely independent person. Even if I am afraid of things inside. An ironic enigma.


84. I have worked in a shoe store, a department store, a drugstore, telemarketing, a grocery store, 4 different daycares, a management company for mentally and physically handicapped adults that live in individual homes, a school and campus for mentally/physically handicapped children, an optometrist office, part time in a manufacturing distributing company for boots, and as a tax preparer.


85. I grew up going every single weekend or any other extended time to the river... boating, camping, skiing, swimming, tanning, having group fish fries and shrimp boils, fishing, playing in the dirt, exploring, whatever you could do at the river. River Rat.


86. I am usually soft spoken, patient, kind hearted, and love everyone but I can be mouthy, stubborn, loud, and fluff my feathers sometimes.


87. I love lilies. In my potted flower pots that flanked each side of my porch this year there is Catherine Woodbury Day lilies, bright green sweet potato vine on each side and purple wave petunias all in the middle and pouring over the sides.


88. I have been known to be a bit of a dare devil or not afraid to try things. I have ridden so many roller coasters I can't even tell you how many or what kinds, been white water rafting, swung out of trees into water, dived off the tallest diving boards, been target shooting with my Dad, played chicken while skinny dipping in a rock quarry at night, had a gigantic albino python wrapped around my neck while taking pictures with a wrestler and many other things. These may not seem dare-develish to some of you but for me it was. :crazysmile:


89. I am now filled with anxiety if I have to enter a mall. This sucks. :Rage:


90. My car is a red Nissan Versa.


91. I have long hair (brown) that needs a serious cut and color (for those little gray monsters).


92. I wear dentures. Yep it's a secret and now you know it.


93. I drink my one cup of coffee every morning with Italian Sweet Cream creamer. mmmmmmmm


94. I like to read...I haven't been able to get through with a book since the stroke. I like books I can hold but I think I am going to break down and get a Kindle Paperwhite.


95. I am sorta by myself in the friend department right now. I have my husband, daughter, and extended family but I miss having friend time. It's a little of lots of reasons I had a stroke, which causes me to walk funny and talk funny sometimes, I forget names and words, I have emotional lability which can be enough reason, I have sinful amounts of anxiety, don't like loud noises, don't like movement, don't like bright lights, and I just never hear from them anymore. This sucks too. :Rage:


96. This has taken me like 3 days to finish. I honestly think I don't know a lot about myself lol.


97. I wear my hair in a ponytail almost everyday.


98. I am not anemic for the first time in a year and a half! :bow: :kicking:


99. I think I can make friends here. :)


100. I wear a size 8.5 shoe and sometimes a 9. NEVER ANY HEELS! They are evil.

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Thank You, I see if i can do this. First  I do it on a piece of paper,  that is what i do now after the stroke. 



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