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Tommorrow we will begin our journey to the end of an era.. We will leave from Calgary to Kelowna BC, where we will meet up with the rest of the family. With my brothers and sister and some of Mom and Dad's friends we will have a funeral Mass, lunch and mingle with the people. From there we will go on to a private internment of their ashes..It will be a sad day for us as it is a final resting place for people we all loved.. Dad passed away 20 years ago and Mom still had his ashes as she wanted to be buried with him.. Reliving 20 years ago will be very hard for me as my Dad was special to me.. He is the one who named me Deenie as I could not pronounce my real name.. He had nick names for all of us...Mom was sick for the last year so we knew she wanted to go, but

dad died of cancer rather quickly and wasn't ready as they had just moved to their new condo.. He never really enjoyed it.. as they only had it a year. got to go to bed as it will be a long day tommorrow and a tiring week end... Will fill you in on the rest when we come back..


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My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during the difficult time you face ahead. Your Mom and Dad are together now and will be so for eternity. May your fond memories of them keep you strong and give you peace. God bless. (((hugs)))

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Try to think of it as a home going and they are coming together and one day we all have to make that same trip with no more suffering or pain, what a blessing in my mind. May God keep you strong and understanding about eternal life with our father.

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hey Deenie:


you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. loosing parents is never easy at any age though we all know our final place is with God. it is great that you have lovely memories of your mom & dad.




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deenie, i know you have hard times to face ahead of you. but you will get through them with your family with you. its very hard to lose our parents, but now they are together again and will be watching over their family. i wish you comfort and peace in the upcoming days.

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Deenie, hope it was a good weekend in some ways as you caught up with family again. There is no good way to bury your parents. But they will always be in your heart and in the memory of many others I am sure.


I am off on my vacation to my daughter's today so will catch up with you when I get back.



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