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Jillian Wnslow

I had my brain aneurysm 14 years ago...prior to that time I imported folk art (primarily tapestries) from Latin America. I put on many slide shows and displays at museums. Since my stroke, I have been involved with Jodi House- a meeting place for adults with brain injury.


I have had sporadic cerebellar ataxia since my stroke-an AVM may have contributed to this.. I have found ways of coping. I am playing the harp with my husband (who started at age 70) and walking in the water. I can now walk across the pool by myself-a biggie for someone in a wheelchair...my big goal is to be able to use a walker at home.Yoga is important to me in developing flexibility.


Read about the brain injury group I work with at http://www.jodihouse.org. Click on the Brain Injury section to read more about Jillian.

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