Dora Jarrell


I was injured by a Chiropractor on September 25, 2004. Paralysis began on November 5, 2004. I had Bilateral Vertebral Artery Dissection. So never let a Chiropractor touch your neck. :head_hurts: I now suffer from a neurological disorder called hemiplegic migraines. These are debilitating migraines that cause paralysis of one or both sides of the body for no specific time limits. Sometimes an hour, sometimes a month.


I have been to every hospital known to man kind to find a cure, but there isn't one. Only treatments. We have had the best luck at the Chicago Migraine Neurological Clinic. Dr. Diamond is a complete genius.


I have to say, walking into a Chiropractors office to be treated for a stiff neck, I never expected to barely be able to walk out, and to have this to deal with for the rest of my life. I have had 3 stents placed in my right artery, and aneurysm, and then the coiling off of my right artery. So I only have a left vertebral artery. So the rest of my life span should be quite interesting. I am only in my mid. 20's.


I am adding a lot to my picture albums so you can see what is going on in my life by visiting each album frequently. So be sure to check out my albums! I love pictures! I take them of everything.

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i went to chiro once and after he cranked my head around like he did i thought..this cannot be right - i never went back. that is really a tragic story.

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Dora, thank you for posting your story and your pics! Congratulations on your weight loss - it's an inspiration to me.


My fiance Russell also has hemiplegic migraines. He had more typical migraines - starting when he had a concussion - before he had his first hemi in August 04. It wasn't diagnosed properly and that led to him being prescribed a triptan - which is probably what caused his ischemic stroke in October 04.


His stroke affects have gotten much better, but he still has migraines often. The thing that has helped him the most is Compazine - an old fashioned migraine treatment, but effective for him. And a lot of nagging from me to stay away from his trigger foods, including aged meats and cheeses. Last but not least, he is terrible about keeping irregular hours, but at least trying to go to bed at a regular time seems to help him, too.


He has had a terrible time finding neurologists familiar with hemiplegic migraine and an understanding of how this all happened. But he does have one now who gets it. So hang in there.

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Hi Dora!

I just wanted to say I read your story and I am so sorry to read about what happened to you. I hope that your health will improve in time. I also take alot of photos!! I will be checking out your albums to see how your getting along. I am a new member of this group and was just diagnosed with Cerbrovascular Disease. I have had several strokes caused from my diabetic condition. I taught school for 20 years multiple handicapped kids so I guess it is my time to retire!! LOL! Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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Hi Dora

I had my dilateral dissection in 2002. I was 40.

I am struck by your age, 20's !!!???

My residual effects is the typical Wallenberg Syndrome.

Hope your recovery is quick

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