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  1. Happy Anniversary trainer!

  2. Happy Birthday trainer!

  3. Happy Anniversary trainer!

  4. I have spoken about diet of survivors before and still believe it is the most important aspect of living a healthy life. All foods like medication affect the brain and its performance which in turn affects the body and mind. One of the most disappointing issues I see all the time is that the health care workers and medical professional continue to push, and I mean push the that Craberry juice is the holy grail to keeping healthy kidneys.

  5. Happy Birthday trainer!

  6. trainer

    Rosena72. Try this for self esteem and making everyday a good day. Write a day story how you want to feel today. Do you want to be happy, sad, funky, make someone else happy, help someone today? Get something new today? See some improvement in your ability? These are just some ideas. The most important part of this exercise is for you to decide how you want the day to go. It is your life. You have more control over it then anyone else. So just write today's story. Make it positive. If the day isn't going the way you wrote it, figure out what went wrong and get the story back on track. Everyday you have new story to write. After awhile you will have a book. You will be amazed when you look back at your first day time story, how much fun you've have had.
  7. trainer

    Hi Beth. I am from London, Ontario. Canada. I re train body and mind for folks with strokes . I have been working in this field for over 15 years. I am always looking for new ideas and exercises (therapy) that will help get folks closer to regaining a lot of what they lost. I notice that you mentioned exercise and therapy in your message. Is there anything that you can pass on to me so I might be able to help more folks. I do one on one and classes. I use pedal bikes (hand and foot), plus I use lots of Resistance band exercises. I spend much of the time with the folks motivating and helping them to motivate their self's. Thanks Vince Nash.
  8. trainer

    George. I see you Choose Your Attitudes. Sometimes it is easier to choose the wrong one. Choosing the best one will always be a benifit to your and all others around. It's nice you chose the right one to end your blog. Choosing the right attitude is a great motivater. No matter what you do - do it to your fullest ability. The hill may be steeper but the climb is always worth it.. Vince.
  9. trainer

    CageyBird. Exercising with a group is productive. I train folks with stroke and always encourage them to find a facility that runs programes for folks with dissabilities. Just being around others that have challenges certainly seems to help, as most folks want to keep going. There seems to be a bond of fellowship and encouagement.
  10. Welcome to the forums trainer :)

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