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  1. Kristenhe

    I have an iud for excessive bleeding. Now I have not had a period in 8years, I am on my 2nd iud worked great for me!
  2. Happy Anniversary Kristenhe!

  3. I am a 39 year old mother of two boys and It has been two years since my stroke. The only thing that is so frustrating in my recovery it is not my weak left side or the fact that I cannot use my hand, I am just so tired! Maybe my life is tiring waking up early to get the boys off to school, running errands, making dinner, doing laundry. Is Life that making me tired or do I just blame the stroke? My doctor has prescribed me dextrose amphetamine to help. I now take my antidepressant at night. I get a good night sleep 8-9 hours. I take short rests during the day. Not sure what else I
  4. Kristenhe

    I would love to go and support others and give them hope that life does go on but I tend get very emotional when I talk about what I went through I hope that gets better. I do have to wonder at what point will I not get sad when I talk about it. I am not a depressed person , in fact I am very positive. I think it is great that your giving support to others.
  5. Happy Anniversary Kristenhe!

  6. Kristenhe

    We recently lost our dog who was 16. It was much harder than I expected. We were out of town and she died in her sleep which was better than having to make the choice of euthanizing.
  7. Kristenhe

    I weened myself from baclofen because it made me tired I decided I wanted quality of life not feel half asleep all the time. I have to admit I feel much better without it maybe a bit more tone.not worth taking baclofen.
  8. Kristenhe

    Wow, you have had a lot to deal with! After a sudden illness there is always an adjustment period and hopefully things will calm down and you will get settled into your new normal. Keep us updated.
  9. Kristenhe

    Driving again

    I passed the test! I was surprised on how fast it was, I could have driven home but I was worn from all the testing.
  10. Kristenhe

    Having a stroke is scary enough let alone being with medical personnel that does not speak the same languAGe.
  11. Kristenhe

    Congrats! I am sure you feel a great since of freedom and independence, I hope I get there. Kristen
  12. Kristenhe

    Maybe it is a boy thing my son just started junior high and is getting all a's which shocks me he starts his homework at the last minute but I guess he manages to pull it together in the end. I have now started to let go of the nagging to do his homework with his grades he us managing to get it done.
  13. Kristenhe

    Sounds like you did good to me, encouraging for my upcoming appt. thanks, kristen
  14. Kristenhe

    After two years of therapy I made the choice of living my life not try and get back 100% of what I lost. And I will tell you I am happier now not living my life around therapy apts. . Kristen