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  1. SarahR

    So sorry about your friend's stroke. Hopefully you can be of help to the friend in getting through the worst days of it. I tried to offer help and suggestions to our middle son, Joel when he had his stroke in March, but he's totally turned away from me. It's almost like he's blaming everyone for his stroke since it's so similar to his Dad's brainstem stroke - same area of brain (just that son got to hospital and got t-pa shot to minimize the damage). Sarah
  2. SarahR

    Congratulations on 30th anniversary and may you have many, many more wonderful adventures on future anniversaries!! Sarah
  3. SarahR

    I totally understand the isolation!! Am so sick of this COVID dictating our lives - It's to the point that saying "when covid is over" is sounding more like "when I win the powerball jackpot." We need a life - been on lockdown and isolation long enough!! Sarah
  4. SarahR

    Celebration of Life

    Finally got back to Colorado the first week in July to have Gary's Celebration of Life gathering. Thanks to COVID-19 we had to delay that for well over a year as he passed away at home on Feb. 10, 2020. It was a long drive, but I had help with the driving from a friend who took a few days off from her waitressing job to help me out. We dropped the dogs off south of Tucson at my youngest sister's house, then headed up through NM and into Colorado from there. My younger sister from MD flew into Denver, and met us at the hotel on Wed., the 7th. We stopped at the BBQ place to make sure th
  5. SarahR

    I hope you are doing well....sorry, I haven't been on in here in a long time. Sarah
  6. SarahR

    Been trying to find you on facebook. Can you PM me and let me know how you're doing. I tried to do a blog post on here and it disappeared again - I haven't been on here in a while and lose track of how to do those things. lol Sarah
  7. SarahR

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.....will be a quiet one here with just the oldest son, Vince and I. sarah
  8. SarahR

    So glad things are going well with Dan at home and you are able to travel with him. Hope the remodel goes well and makes life easier for the both of you. Keep cool........ Sarah
  9. SarahR

    Mini Memorial

    I traveled to Colorado last week for a mini memorial, celebration on what would have been Gary's 73rd birthday. His former caregiver, Carmen, who came up from San Diego to go with me helped with most of the driving as it was a long trip. We didn't make it all the way through NM without a stop, but nobody insisted we have to quarantine for 14 days (even though the signs along highway in Albuquerque were stating that all visitors must quarantine). We weren't really visitors there, just passing through - only stopped for gas and a sleepover along the way and always wore our masks outside of t
  10. SarahR

    Had a large dead toad at the stop sign by our side street the other day ----so far nobody has "toad" him away! lol Sarah
  11. One never knows the complexity of someone's mental state at such a time. I still question 4 years later if there was anything I could have done for my youngest son to keep him here, or whether I should have seen signs. I honestly believe most are not in their right state of mind at the time. Sarah
  12. SarahR

    Missed Anniversary

    Here it is the middle of June already, and I just realized that Gary's stroke anniversary came and went on June 1 and I totally forgot about it - maybe because he passed away in February, we're still dealing with the Coronavirus, and so much more in the news. June 1 would have been his 16th stroke anniversary........but he only survived 15 years and 8 months following that devastating brain stem stroke in 2004. I'll bet his Doctors from back then would be shocked and amazed that he lived that long after telling me he might not live six months; and it would have been even less than that ha
  13. SarahR

    Prepared for Isolation

    I've had a lot of friends and family checking on me via phone since Gary passed away.....some are worried that being isolated from everyone with this Pandemic right now might be a bit much for me. I've been telling them all "I was probably better prepared for this isolation than most." I spent 15 yr. 8 months taking care of Gary at home after his massive brain stem stroke in 2004. It wasn't easy traveling with him, and I usually only got out a couple hours a week when I had a caregiver to sit with him. It was usually just him, me and the pups anyhow - not like we had a lot of friends or
  14. SarahR

    I'm sure you both feel more comfortable with him at home.....and he likely is thrilled to be able to spend more time with you during this lockdown. I can't even imagine how fearful he is of this virus as I know Gary would have absolutely freaked out over it. I hope you are doing okay and taking care of yourself also. Sarah
  15. SarahR

    Keeping Busy

    I can't believe it's been a month since Gary's passing, but it certainly has been a busy month. At times I felt overwhelmed with all the paperwork and phone calls, but got most of it under control now. It seems I'm the only one who was efficient and organized, so a lot of things were "hurry up and wait." I was told by the local Social Security office "It all takes time, don't get ahead of us. You're just one person and we deal with millions on a daily basis." Good to know I'm nothing more than the tiny flea on an elephant's *beep*. They deposited Gary's January social security into ou