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    i'm abarrister - an english triqwyer i like to garden and cookif i can stnd up

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  1. Happyhappy birthday may you have a great day

  2. vhawk

    [ruthie - youare too kind quote name=ruthie65' date='Mar 5 2006, 12:43 PM] lovely poem. I see and feel it ruthie
  3. vhawk

  4. vhawk

    perhaps hewas too intellectual for youand has too long a memory- gosh u finished a book - amazing- well done :happydance:
  5. vhawk

    pam he had no sense of humour- bhuddist goes into a piza plce- orders pizza - asked what toppings replies make me one with every thing
  6. vhawk

    pam - he hsd no sense of humour but at lesst he was not vindictive
  7. vhawk

    Pam perhaps hewas too intellectual -good to see you haven't changed
  8. vhawk

    takes one to know one
  9. vhawk

    Mary idon't do milestones and goals - on principle- nor do ido positive i just growl
  10. vhawk

    that reminds me of sfb
  11. vhawk

    pam -glad to see you bought yourself a chef and a chauffeur- and so cheaply too
  12. vhawk

    what-? he was highly intelligent
  13. vhawk

    ruthie , dear heart - ihave as his friendor alter ego- take your pick - iam glad the sod is dead as are many others
  14. vhawk

    peterc is dead

    alas pooor peter i knew him , hoaratio A: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: - can't say i liked the fellow so good riddance to him
  15. vhawk

    its simply habitual languageas far as i can see-no body just seems to have a stroke- i had one- but perhaps not massive- who knows?- good to seeyou alive and well
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