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    My lil Beau, poetry, writing stories,
    Have a cancer ministry since 1973 and working with Muscular Dystrophy, fight the Beast Myasthenia Gravis, and host a MDA Chat, Love the Bay, sunrises, sunsets, my faith, GOD is number one in my life. I am a Brain Stem Stroke Survivor and have had two TIA's.
    Each day is a miracle/gift from God.

    It doesn't matter where the train is going, it's just important to get on board.

    There's nothing to it BUT to do it.

    Believe in Miracles and SOAR.
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  1. Happy Anniversary jjohnson!

  2. Happy Anniversary jjohnson!

  3. Happy Birthday jjohnson!

  4. happy birthday Jan! hope you have the best day! love you heaps. Doreen

  5. Happy Birthday jjohnson!

  6. jjohnson

    :forgive_me?: Here are some Get Well Flowers for a dear friend. n a hug as well. :friends: I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I have a "Gripper" for every room....if I didn't have that, I would be down for the count more than I can think. :roflmao: When I was in rehab the one thing they never taught me was how to get up should I fall. I guess they felt since I was one hundred per cent paralyzed .... I would never need to learn that. When I finally got to go home, The first day I fell like four times and 911 had to be called, as I couldn't get up without them. Wayne couldn
  7. Hi Jan ~ God Bless you and your special family! in Him ~ Nancy

  8. hi Jan~how's life treating you? just to let you know was thinking of you & all the joy you spread to others!!! You are a God Send!

    Bless you dear one...Love ~ Nancy

  9. Well, I thought it was time I wrote a blog and share with you what has been going on in my lil part of the world. First, I would like to share the following. It sorta sums up my feelings about my "Stroke Journey" which began November 2003. The Process I think of myself as diamond, perhaps pure gold. Maybe my life is an antique vase, unique, precious, and rare.
 Consider the point in which they all began.
 Think of the process each went through. Each test of life has shaped me. Failure has polished the diamond I am.
 The tragedy purified my golden finish.
 Another l
  10. jjohnson

    :forgive_me?: :friends: Dear Lenny: I am so happy to see you have blogged. This is the best thing to do... like you have stated it is very healing and gives you peace.You are very loved and cared about here and there are quite a few of us who have lost a beloved fur baby. I can relate with you as I had gotten my precious Harley Boy when I got home from my long Hospital and Rehab stay. He became my therapy dog and when he passed away it was terrible. BUT, there came another blessing for me... when the timing was right, BEAU came into our lives. He is working out great and the love he
  11. Happy Anniversary jjohnson!

  12. Jan not use to the new board. You were blocked for some reason. Not sure why.

    Sorry Happy new Year good friend~Love & Blessings to you and your family~Nancy

  13. Happy Birthday jjohnson!

  14. What a heart felt blog Lenny. I so enjoyed reading it. I am so blessed you are our Ambassador of Good Cheer.... Whether blow by blow announcement of the Olympics in Canada or just good cheer with Stroke Net you are a permanent fixture.... Merry Christmas to you. You are a true blessing my dear friend. God Bless, Hugs, Jan
  15. Isn't it funny as we grow in life we value things different with each journey we take? When we were young, we wanted toys, toys and more toys, then our teen years, we had to have the coolest stuff, what the other kids had, however, I never got that sort of stuff as my Mom was basically on her own since my Dad wasn't around and he spent more time and effort on the "Drinking scene"... My Mom did the best she could. She would get for me and my sister before ever getting what she needed. We had shoes on and clean clothes and were happy to have food in our tummys. Gosh,I miss her so. Thing i