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  1. Happy Anniversary Billie Jo!

  2. Happy Anniversary Billie Jo!

  3. Happy Anniversary Billie Jo!

  4. Been a while since I logged into this AWESOME SITE! I want to thank everyone here for all the support that I have been given! GOD IS GREAT and so are ALL OF YOU! I am a 6 year survivor of 3 strokes and a 5 year survivor of a heart attack! I am thrilled to be alive and doing so well! Thanks BE TO GOD!

    1. follys


      its good billie jo to see someone else with 3 strokes and 6 years since the last. good for you!

      I have also had 3 strokes in the past 2 years. they have been mild but my concern is the next one.


      again your story tells me that there doesn't necessarily have to be a next one.


      best wishes to you



  5. Happy Birthday Billie Jo!

  6. Happy Birthday Billie Jo!

  7. Hi to all of you! I have not been around much this past year.. but coming here sometimes makes me feel sad .. so I stayed away for a while.. today I felt I should come here and reunite with some of you and meet some of the newbies. I visited with my dr for my 6 month check up and he said I am remarkable. That made me feel good! I am doing better than anyone expected. (As far as stroke goes) On December 11th of 2008 I suffered a heart attack. I had 100% blockage to my right coronary artery. I could NOT believe it! I told them I had a bad chest cold! haha I am still in denial! B
  8. Hi Cathy! Hope all is going well in your world :) Things are going pretty good for me. I am anxious for summer to get here LOL.

    Take care,


    Billie Jo

  9. haven't heard from you for a while.. Hope all is going much better!! Give me a call ok?


    Billie Jo

  10. Happy "late" Birthday!!! Hope it was a good one :)

  11. Billie Jo

    howdy all!! We did have a great time in Deadwood.. even if we didn't win much gambling.. but then.. everyday is a gamble and I am a winner that way Thanks so much for all the warm wishes regarding my 1st anniversary of stroke survivor I am damn proud of it hehe *hugs* Billie Jo
  12. Billie Jo

    This is interesting to me. I too get dizzy from time to time.. it really doesn't seem to happen for any reason that I have noticed. I have kept track of my dizzy spells and it isn't caused from one thing or another. I did have the drs test me for the spells.. and all came up without any reasons for them. So.. I have decided this is just how it is. Oh well.. But I agree with the others.. keep track of them and have your dr test your balances. Hang in there and congrats on your recovery *hugs* Billie Jo
  13. This is an interesting topic. I never dreamed much before my strokes. And didn't dream much after my first one.. but after my third one.. I dream a lot mostly scary dreams and I am pre-stroke I think.. not sure.. being my disabilities are seldom noticeable.. I think most of my dreams.. I seem to be watching what is going on and don't do anything about what is going on.. haha the brain.. what a trip. But I intend on asking my dr about the nightmares since I am now on coumadin.. not sure if that is what caused my dreams or not! After the 3rd stroke they wouldn't let me drive very far.. but
  14. Billie Jo

    Almost a year..

    Hello dear friends at Strokenet Well.. it is getting closer to the anniversary of my first stroke. It all happend on March 20, 2007.. now some of you might wonder why I would celebrate such an occasion.. well.. I have thought long and hard about this.. and I feel that I am due for a big party as a survivor So.. on March 20th I plan to do something in honor of my survival. Jeff (my hubby) and I are leaving tomorrow for the weekend to Deadwood, SD with a few of our friends. I so can't wait!! It has been so nice here lately and I can see spring in the near future.. so getting out with
  15. Billie Jo

    Hi all.. thanks for the comments. We did have a nice dinner and the steak was delish I could eat one a day.. haha anyway.. we had fun Victoria's team didn't do well at state they got 12th out of 12.. she was a little disappointed as would any 15 year old be.. but I told her "HEY silly girl, chin up!! At least you made it to state and that was what you all wanted" She agreed and all is well. LOL They are already planning their routine for next year Hope you all are doing GREAT I think of you all often and pray for you often as well. *hugs* Billie Jo