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Well I finally feel like I can write about this and not cry my eyes out or feel so raw about it. It would seem the spouse has slept with the bimbo from next door. I wasn't even out of the house 24 hours before it happened. Yeah, I know he's a *beep* and a few other choice words the filters will not let me use. What adds the insult to injury, is that I detest that woman, have from day one. I suspected something was brewing the last few weeks before I moved out. Of course my 13 year old son was spending most of his time here, cause she was always at the house and he doesn't like her either.

So last night, my son, Nick and I took Petey the Pom for a walk.... walked to the house, the spouse about choked when I walked in , he was eating or had just started. So I sat down at the table and nonchalantly said to him, "I don't like living alone, I'm moving back in" His face was mortified and he blurts out"No! YOUR NOT!!! I leaned forward and quietly but sweetly said,"My name is still on the deed to this house, you haven't bought out my half yet" And in case you've forgotten, I am still your legal wife! I had all I could do not to laugh at his face over that news. I didn't really mean it, was just messin with his head, but I'll tell you what. I felt damn good after doing that. I woke up this morning and I was happy. I've come to terms with him being with her, I know someone is asking,"I thought you didn't want him any longer"? I don't, but it bothered me he would pick such a phoney person and one whom I detested that would influence my kids. Especially when my son wasn't comfortable in his own home any longer. He did ask why I would even want to move back in. I told him for the kids because someone has to have their interests as a number one priority and considering his actions since saturday.. I told him , he was thinking with the wrong head. So things are better with my son now, he talked with his father but I don't know what his father promised him as he told me he couldn't say.

I think they deserve each other, she's not getting a prize, he's a Narcissist and he is no more mature then a 16 year old. She is welcome to that nonsense. Besides she'll have to jimmy in time around his mother. I told my son to see the humor in the relationship.... I said Your father is stuck listening to her. Serves him right. She yaps more then some little yappy dog. Never shuts up but never says much of anything worthwhile.

So forward on I travel... I'm mentally doing great. I kept telling myself that if I survived stroke recovery and reached acceptance with that, I could overcome this latest hurdle. I feel I have at least gotten around it. I haven't reached peace about it, but I'm getting there.



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I don't like guys who give men a bad name, so here's my sardistic advice.


Give your half of the deed to your son as a gift naming you as trustee until he turns 18. If dad buys it out, then that money can go into a trust fund for you son. If he doesn't then your son has some sway in the house.



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Michael, what if Pam needs the equity in the house to live on over the coming years? I personally don't believe in giving kids assets until you're sure you don't need them yourself. i.e. you're dead. I've known more than one elderly couple who live poor while their kids cashed in assets given to them to buy luxuries.



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hey just keep your name on the title and don't sing any thing till he buys you out for an agreed price,,, don't let him off make him think of how good he had it and keep your son in mind I think he has to pay support to your son as well don't not sure if he is responsible for you too.. get a lawyer

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dry.gif Can we hope she gives him something nasty? And that he has to take penicillin for a long time, Or is that too mean?


~thinking of you -V

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Sardistic advice from me is usually the ones that are great to fantasies about, but usually won't come about.


Whatever you do to the sob, make sure he sweats a lot.



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No Vicki......not too mean, I loved it!!


Pam, I loved it when you told him you were moving back in. Ha Ha!! What comes around goes around right? Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see that one!


Glad you're better. I'll be thinking of you. pash.gif

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so i'm not the ONLY venegful member of this site!!!!!!!!!!!!! pam, that would have sent ME straight through the roof. HOW DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!

makes me wonder if it was the first time, huh? you are right, they deserve each other. i'd make him suffer in ANY way i could. and THEN i'd think of more ways as time went on to insure his life was as miserable as possible. it would give my life new meaning.


sorry you have to go through this, it can't be fun.


kim head_hurts.gifhead_hurts.gif

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