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Wild Ride



What a crazy 48 hours it has been.


Tuesday morning Jen came. We had a chat. Her Friday time with Bruce was totally unacceptable and even Leo noticed it when she brought Bruce to our work.


Up side is I wrote out for Bruce what I thought was the best routine for him at this time. It includes everything from if no pool, then and Estim schedules, etc. What I want is Bruce's input and he has been doing just that. For instance, he would like his shower before he goes to work, not the night before. More work for me, but that is what I asked for and will certainly honor it.


Debi and Carole, from Bruce's work, came last night for their monthly visit. I had done big BJs shop on Friday, when Carl was here, since Deb's son was in baseball playoffs and with the wet conditions lately, she was not sure if they could come. I took time off from work to get my hair cut. I look like a hag, don't like taking time off from work for the personal stuff-they are so good to me, but had to do it. Took myself and my new "DO" off to dinner, by myself. Best thing I have done for myself in months!


Debi left medication in our refrigerator, so came by this morning at 7:30am and had coffee with us. Can't tell you how nice that was. With Debi, it is always easy going. She met Bruce just about 25 years ago, just after he met me. She used to take Brittany for a bit on Fridays when Britt and I picked up Bruce for dinner and he was finishing up. She was at hospital day two and been there since. No questions, whatever we need!


Three hours outside. Bruce planted his window-deck boxes finally. I did some yard work. Forsythia took a beating this winter with the snow. And we have had so much rain over past three weeks, just couldn't get him out where he could work. Lunch and Animal Haven for our volunteering. Latte is breaking my heart. Apparently she was born ill, not expected to make it. She bites herself, some bare spots. Finally settled on the couch, where I could pet her and coo, Bruce gave treats. Lady who brought in Dante, went back to find his sister. Apparently this Angel spent a fortune getting the sister taken care of at a Vets and now Tiger is back with Dante. Tiger is half Dante's size and a real go-getter. Bruce has some lovely claw marks where she got him-lol.


Home to me getting ready for work and no nap for Bruce. He is fading even before I leave at 4pm. Leo tells me that Lynn came for a visit with Guess What? MORE SHOES. The final, I hope, two pair. Lynn is also a Justice of the Peace and was to do our wedding, that did not happen. Leo says Bruce had had a good dinner, good wash up and Bruce was asleep when I got home at 8:30pm. I woke him up few minutes ago for last pills. Waiting for them to kick, then bed for me.


If Jen keeps to schedule, our Wednesdays are a day off until Animal Haven at Noon. Two adoptions today-a really good thing. Bruce was funny with a couple looking to adopt a cat. Said "they better not take my Willy!" I laughed all the way home. Haven just got a group from a horder and they took one of them. Not enought time for Bruce to become emotionally connected to them-lol.


Good week to all. I need down time and my boy and Miss Kira are down for the count. Debbie


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How, I empathize with your schedule and work with Bruce. it sounds like William and myself. We have to continually at schedules.


Good work and good luck,


I know that you must look great with the new Do


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My, my Debbie you are so organized. You are keeping Bruce busy, getting his input, and it seems to be working. If you are like me, the nice weather sure helps our moods. :gleam: I had our caregiver here today while I had lunch with a friend. Larry said "tell Debbie (my friend's name too) hello and have a nice lunch" We hadn't seen each other since last year so a lot of catching up. I then ran through Walmart with my list and came home. My daughter is coming Saturday for a few days and I am so looking forward to that. The weather is suppose to be nice and warm and NO RAIN. :cheer: Hope you have a good weekend. :cocktail: :cocktail: :cocktail:



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