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Bad couple of days here. Last two weeks, one caregiver on vacation, one who's Dad died. I had cared for Cathy's Dad when he was at our SNF and her Mom retired from our dietary department, so I was close to the family. It was a blessing. Dad is finally out of pain and at peace. Cathy and her Mom were worn to a frazzle taking care of him.


So it was Leo and I for two weeks and what a grand two weeks it was! Pool, work and our volunteering with me daytime. No complaints, just did his work. Leo came in at 4pm. They did laundry, Leo is quite the cook; so he and Bruce served up some fine food, always left me a plate. Toilet before bed. Bruce walks with Leo to the bed-just a few steps, but won't do it with me. Did his clearing of the table and dishes. Leo just took what I was working on and continued it. Funny, Cathy said tonight, Bruce has come so far in two weeks. That was nice to hear. I insist on a lot of house stuff now, especially since that is all he is willing to do. Has increased his pool time to an hour and a half-himself! He is so confident in the pool now, I just go with the flow. Doing some new stuff with the arm-hand. Will it work? Who knows.


So Cathy and Jen are back this week. Tuesday, no pool with Jen. Tonight no toiletting before bed. Obviously I have to mull all this over. Weather hasn't helped, think it has been raining for two full weeks now. And Bruce's sleep pattern is changing yet again.


So while dealing with all of this and where to go from here, we are off to our volunteering at Animal Haven. We have committed to this and we have to go, regardless of how angry I am.


Public comes in at noon. The trained volunteers come in earlier, do cage cleaning and dog walking. Except three adoptions at noon on Wednesday and they forgot to put the cats back in their cages-lol. I think all 30 were out!

Bruce gets into room and says "wow!" Manager says just do the best you can. Well we have to catch the cat, read its collar, find its cage, make sure the cage is clean and get it back in-lol. We had a blast. The treat bag helped and you can imagine the WC running into food and water dishes.


Then off to Lucille. Except we find out her real name is Latte. Bruce takes her and she settles. He is smiling. I go off on cat round-up and hear "Debbie!" Latte got away from him. I got her out from a corner, settled her down and Manager says when you put her back, can Bruce work with our new guy, Dante?


Dante is just precious. About six weeks old. Nice lady found him on her steps. Manager figures he was somehow separated from his Mom. Lady goes home to try to find Mom. Incredible!


You open Dante's cage and he hisses. It is hysterical. Yes, he is a tough guy and so threatening at about six inches long! He is a long hair tabby, with a real red tongue. Just gorgeous. And Mr. Bruce found out that if you pet behind his ears, you are his best friend! Settled right into the nook of Bruce's right arm and fell asleep, purring.


I am angry, disappointed. Made my point, to whatever that end may be! But had to share our joy once again. Debbie


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Debbie,my opinion is you have to take each day as it comes. We have been having sunny days so Ray is content on the verandah, okay with going to Daycare but put on a fuss about going out to lunch with our old friends yesterday.


He complains that he has to shave, doesn't want to wash his hands, goes slower and slower. If I complain he says: "Stop rushing me!"


He has no sense of timing now, never starts out when I ask him to get ready, always goes back for something. He goes to the bathroom and stays half an hour when dinner is ready, My frustration is spread over lots of small annoying incidents.


I just have to get on with life the way it is, no way of making it better.



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Oh Debbie, The love you have for Bruce shines threw as you posted . You two are such a great team.

That volunteering has really gotten Bruce's emotional feelings on an expressing road. That is just great.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Hi Debbie: Being a cat lover, I love your stories about the cat shelter and your pet Kira. My daughter had a big ole Main cat named Monroe. He was terrified of people and that was a big problem because she also let him go outside when he wanted. When people came to visit she would let Monroe out and it would take forever to get him back in. He also got stuck one time hiding in a crawl space he discovered in an apartment she had moved to. She now has two cats and one has destroyed her couch. I was so upset when I saw that! Our cats never go out and do not have front claws so no torn furniture or curtains. I'm glad Bruce is getting out and enjoying the time with his new friends. It sounds like you enjoy it too. Dante is a cute name. Have a good weekend! :cocktail:


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