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We meet Lucille



Today was our second day volunteering at our Animal Haven. Two blogs from me within a week either means big trouble or big fun. This is the fun one.


Last night, a very young Calico gave birth at the shelter to 6 babies. One did not make it and another had the cord wrapped around his leg, so Vet will evaluate that in good time.


Like last week, the welcome was wonderful. They were thrilled to have us back. The bulldog puppies had two of their prospective owners in to socialize and bond. It was precious; both new owners sitting on towels just getting to know their new charges.


Owner told me of the kittens, but said if I was comfortable, Bruce needed to go into the kitten room to get his new assignment-Lucille. Lucille is the runt of a family of four, dropped off. The other three are twice her size. She is so afraid. She is beautiful. Other three are grey and white, she is a long hair; all white with a black mask. I got her out of her cage with some coaxing and Bruce and I took her to the family room. It took Bruce twenty minutes of petting, cooing and securing her before she purred. Finally she climbed onto the couch, stretched out and just let him brush her. I was in tears. After a half hour, she was done. But good work.


We took her back to the kitten room and to her cage. Then owner said the new Mother needed some help. She has no clue, just wanted to be petted and have her own attention. Actually sat on the kittens. I got her calm and lying down and Bruce nudged the kittens to her.


One other Mother with four eight-week olds, who need to be weaned. Owner asked if Bruce could help. Well, Bruce only has one hand, so gently lifted and put their little noses to the water. It was so special to see how careful and gentle he was.


We went to family room and again groomed all comers. More were out of their cages today. So Bruce was very busy. Funny tho, when they see that bag of treats, they come running.


After that we did the cages, Bruce did treats and petting through the bars, I did litter boxes, water refills and the very few messes. Bruce now has permission to open any cages and pet and groom. Penelope and Bea are the trouble makers and they roam free, so the others may nip, but Bruce knows that is just back off time. Willy the little tabby with the kidney issues, was tired today but did have his treats. And my Bosco, the Maine Raccoon cat, was thrilled to have me visit.


Just needed to share. Such a special day. Bruce is beaming and wants to go back-a real good thing. We had talked earlier in the week that he does so much because I say he should-pool,work. But nothing brings him real satisfaction or enjoyment. I ask what changes he would like to make, he can't answer. Asked him to walk with me today, as he has been doing some with Leo, but his answer was "I don't dare." And my question is why not? All I know what today he was anticipatory, had a blast, smiled, laughed and can't wait to go back. Just to see true joy in him is worth it.


Thank you again, Lydia and Ruth. Debbie


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For some people there is nothing like a cat to pet, I am like that but Ray isn't. So when I am old and disheartened remind someone who loves me to place a purring kitten in my lap and I will be happy.


(((hugs))) from Sue for you, for Bruce and for the wonderful cats who are socializing him.

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Oh I have tears of JOY!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I am happier than I have words to know that this is something that brings you and Bruce joy and satisfaction. I hope and pray it continues to be a good experience for both of you.


Hugs to all!!!


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Debbie, I'm happy to hear the joy in your post for you and Bruce. There is nothing like pet therapy for those who love cats & dogs. I hear it is good for one's blood pressure too. Good for you.Clap-Hands.gif


Your cat loving friend,


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Bruce is a master of taking care of the animals. William is supposed to help socialize the dogs but he needs calm dogs.



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Debbie, You and Bruce are engaging in a wonderful, loving satisfying enjoyment. I can hear your voice when I read your blog. Bruce's independence at Animal Haven is showing off his special abilities their, right in front of you. It was a wonderful idea to do this.

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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What a wonderful thing animals are. My husband didn't really care too much about our two cats before he had his stroke. Now he seems to bond with them. Even though he still complains about our one cat constantly purring when she sleeps on our bed he reminds me if she isn't there so I have to go find her so she can go to sleep with us. It's so awesome that you found something that Bruce is interested in.

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