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I'm Inspired Today...I Met Another Survivor!



I was out at the end of my driveway trying to get the trash can wheels against the curb just right of the driveway instead of on the left where my wife put it before leaving early for work to be on time. I got my quad cane taking baby steps to avoid falling on the driveway slope toward the street.


Now, here I am trying my best to tilt the can over on it's two wheels so I could push it to the other side. It's really full where the lid won't close and I envision me spilling the bags of trash all over the street. Low and behold a kid, I thought, on a bicycle, stops dismount lays the bike down grab the can and moves it to where I wanted it without a word being said.


At this point I'm flabbergasted and inspired by his willingness to help an old man on a cane. My real inspiration came when I noticed him limping and not using his right hand as he was walking away from me, his back to me at that point. My conversation started with did he have MS at an early age? He said, "No, he had a stroke when he was 5 and another one at 6 years old. He is now 19 years old and will graduate high school next year! That's amazing in my mind and I thought of our own member, CagedBird (Katrina) who just graduated college.


He is doing great for having strokes so young, riding a bike? WOW, and he told me he and a couple friends wash cars right in your driveway for five dollar donations each car since school is out for the summer now. He lives a few streets from me he says but I never seen him before. I guess you never know who's in your neighborhood!


We talked a bit and he stated in the early years he was unable to attend school not being able to walk or talk good or at all. His right wrist is bent down, I dread that happening to me, but what got me was him saying he is just glad to be alive! :big_grin: That touched my heart so much because I say that all the time here. It really made my day to see him so cheerful and willing to help me. He did what I couldn't do with the trash can.


I gave him our site here and he said he would look at it today cause he has a computer in his room. I think he's interested in washing cars with his friends to make a few dollars during the summer break from school. My day has been made and thought I would share this into a Blog since I was due to add an entry this week. :happydance:


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Fred: you made my day. What an incredible story. One never knows and to find inspiration in a 19 year old. One can only imagine what he has gone through, but obviously a kind, caring person. Thank you for sharing. Debbie

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such a great story & great kid, this adversity at such a young age has made the kid kind,compassionate & better person. I am sure he will do great in his life.



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