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Girly Girls Only



Tomorrow night is the Daytime Emmy Awards!


Why am I excited?




That's right! The "jimmy choo's" "faragamo's" & "channel's" - all of those wondrous lovely heels that I can no longer wear, will be paraded in living color.


It's shoe lust satisfied! Strap some diamonds on to those 4" heels Baby! Give me satin and a peek a boo toe!


Delight my mind with visions of a well crafted matching bag and I'm in heaven.


So, Friday night I don't care who wins - I don't even watch most of the soaps - I just want to see the shoes. I want to dream a little - live vicariously.


Every girl needs a "shoe cam" once in a while, Just to see what she's missing.






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i no longer wear heels( at last count i had 32 pair) since i fall down all of the time. HOWEVER, a few weeks ago i went to a "fancy" fundraiser and couldn't BEAR to wear flats with a black dress and pearls, SO, i drug out a pair of 4 inchers and wore them anyway. all night i was TERRIFIED that i would fall, but i didn't. my feet hurt though!!!!!




i understand!!!!


kim roflmao.gifroflmao.gif

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Tonight's the night and I'll miss chat but, it will be worth it.


I'll spend the evening dreaming of gucci's heels, even though I'm wearing a pair of nameless clogs.


And Saturday, when I slip on the ked's, I'll be putting on the best pair of heel's they show tonight in my mind.


LOL! And if I'm lucky - one of the people I've actually seen before will win something.



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I may not be a girly girl, but I had a little chuckle I wanted to share.


I just got an image of the lady used for your ave walking around in 6 inch candy apple red heels.



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Michael - Have you been in my closet?


How do you know about the 6' Candy Apple Red Heels? - They went with a power suit that was very business like - kind of shocked people when they saw the shoes! lol

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