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Have hesitated to blog as we are in such a transition here, don't quite know where anything is going. Think most is positive, but hate to become too comfortable-lol. As all us Caregivers do.


After a month of talking to Bruce and asking him for input as to what he wants, we have settled into the routine I had had in place, except the volunteering. He continues to swim with Jen twice a week, his work with me twice a week. With the summer schedule in place at the Animal Haven, Wednesday is the in house day for cleaning, paperwork, phone calls. Saturday pool with me and Sunday errands. And this has again settled in for three weeks.


I have a health issue that must be addressed and scheduled that this week, along with truck oil change. I hate taking time from work for this, but have yet to find a fourth caregiver I am comfortable with and with Mary Beth's visit last weekend, have had to face reality and get some stuff taken care of.


My Godchild's wedding is July 3rd and was able to get Bruce's close friend and his family on tap for that. While my medical appointment is to be taken care of on Leo's charge; any follow ups will be taken care of by friends, so I will not have to take time off from work.


I realized how much weight Bruce has gained this weekend when his buff buddy could not get him in the WC across the lawn. That was a reality check.


Had a terrific weekend for the most part. I purchased the scooter so Bruce could do his car shows. I spent all of Saturday planning for the car show Saturday: battery fully charged. Taking it apart, water packed. We get to the car show; Bruce transfers to the WC (thank God I brought it) to the scooter, and the scooter dies in the middle of a street. I checked everything, no go, got him back in WC-scooter repacked and did the best I could over half broken side walk. Thing that disturbed me the most was a gentleman watched all of this and never offered to help. He was parked illegally in the handicap spot because he was working the car show. And, yes people, he is still walking, but only because I was so worried about Bruce being stuck in a street-LOL!


After nap, off to friends and Bruce's Godson for a cook out. Bob could not get Bruce across lawn, so we moved some furniture and had event on front patio. Bruce chose to have three beers-but no bathroom available because he won't walk. I offered garage-I have everything availble-but no go. So home after an incredible feast, to desset, shower, night clothes and bed. I was cooked but he had a terrific time and well worth it for Bruce. He has so little of that.

But did not have shower to deal with this morning and off to work.


All in all a good couple of weeks. Debbie


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It is good when all of the work you have put in finally starts to show results 2003-May 2005 were our good times, Mum settled in her Dementia Lodge, Ray fully recovered from 2001 stroke and we seemed to do a lot of things we hadn't done in a while.


I actually wrecked one wheelchair when I went down a gutter and bent the wheel so badly I couldn't get it fixed! And yes, I have had a lot of people young and old stand and watch me struggle.


Hope you find a lot of good things to do this summer - enjoy.



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Debbie, I mavel at all you are able to do and how well you can keep to a schedule. I have never been good with too much structure. I guess with Dick that was a good thing because there has never been a way to press him into any mold since his stroke. Though it is often a lot of work there is a HUGE payoff to see our dear one have a good time with others. As to the fellow that just watched, I don't know what to do with those types. I remember before I had my crash course in caregiving, that I felt awkward and stupid around elderly or disabled because I just didn't know what to do. I was happy to help if told what to do. So I try to give other people the benefit of the doubt. I am continually amazed at the many many good Samaratins who have stopped and helped. I had wheeled Dick down a long rocky road so he could ride on a pontoon boat. When I got there a bunch of guys (including the captain) carried him on board then carried him up some stairs so I would not have to push him the long way back. Your scooter sounds wonderful if you can get it going.


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Debbie, you are caregiver extradonaire! I applaud you for taking care of Bruce, with taking his WC AND scooter on your outing. Way to go. :goodjob: I don't think I could have managed all that. I know all is appreciated, even thought you don't hear much praise sometimes. We are rewarded nonetheless, knowing we do all we can for our loved ones. You seem so organized with your weekly schedule of what do to each day. It makes me want to get a little more organized with Larry's week. I too have the medical issue coming up next week and have a caregiver to take care of Larry both days. I have one of the kids to take me and pick me up for the surgery. I hope your medical issue is not too serious. We caregivers have to take care of ourselves too, even though it's not always that easy. Have a good week. :cocktail:



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You are doing so well. I know how it is with people who are not helpful. Why did that scooter die?


It is a good thing that you had a back up with the WC ...


One day Bruce will walk....I too am optimistic....



great week!



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Debbie - congratulations are due for being such an outstanding and resourceful caregiverflowers.gif

You must have been a girl scout to be so prepared! I am less than 6 mos post with

Sam, and I seem not to be prepared for anything. But we have had a good week, so far. You and Bruce have come so far and I will continue to pray for both of you.


Lots of {{{{hugs}}}}



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