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When it rains



Have to laugh. Last week I am hesitating to blog, since we are in transition and things were kind of quiet. Boy, be careful what we wish for-lol.


Sunday, Father's Day we were off to a car show, which Bruce loves. I used to read the newspaper while he was in therapy and had all the dates. This year, I don't get much of a chance to read the newspaper, but did find one for Father's Day. Spent all day Saturday preparing. Checked out the new scooter, then broke it down and packed it. Since I never transferred him from truck to scooter, figured I need his WC. Those two items, broken down take up the entire bed of the truck. Repacked his schlepp. Tossed him in shower, laid out his clothes and told him I needed to be up at 7am. Our morning routine is 2 hours, and I almost never vary from that regardless of our daily plans.


In the meantime, our friends called and asked us for a BBQ in the afternoon. Sad, in the pre-stroke days, Bob would run a local marathon and Bruce would follow with his water and towels. So much has changed for both of them.


Off to the car show. Bruce into the scooter with the truck parked on the road because the handicap spot was taken. He gets just around the truck into the street and the thing quits. I carry the manual, nothing restarts it. Transfer Bruce to the WC and the broken down sidewalk. Disassemble the scooter and repack it and then get Bruce to as many cars as I can on the broken down side walk. I was very disappointed. Bruce as usual a trooper: No trouble, little Ethyl!


We had planned to use the scooter to get Bruce to our friend's front lawn. With all of the rain and Bruce's weight gain, that was a no go in the WC. So we rearranged the furniture on the patio and brought in the umbrella and had a wonderful feast. Since Bruce won't walk, I offered the garage for restroom relief=I have my trusty Schlepp, but a no go. So home to shower, dessert, Estim and bed. We both had a great time.


Tuesday was truck oil change. But I have to have it there at 7:30am in order to wait for it. Jen was on time. Today was a check up with my doc for a minor medical problem-Leo, left work early so I would be on time. My caregivers do step up when needed and for that I am truely appreciative. However, clothes washer died this morning. Repairman due Friday, but good news is they will service the dryer at no additional charge while they are here.


The scooter apparently needs batteries. Service tech over the phone tells me that the manual supplied from the manufacturer says to unplug the battery if the scooter is not used every day and of course it was not over the winter. But they are finding that it does need to be plugged in. I ordered the batteries, as we need the scooter now that Bruce is willing to use it, but will have to fight it out with the manufacturer later. The thing is only 6 months old.


I have asked Bruce to please be attentive to his BR needs. I have no washing machine and weather report for the next few days is rain, so outside drying of any hand wash is out. Leo went through some old clothes tonight to find some light weight clothes I can hand launder if need be.


I knew three weeks ago that Bruce was unhappy with his schedule. Especially after we found out we could no longer volunteer at Animal Haven on Wednesdays and only other days available were his pool days. I have to consider fitting in the volunteering on Sunday. However, we work on stuff here at home every day. If he can do it, I say "no, you take care of it". So far he is more than agreeable. I know he is tired and I know it hurts, but it is his life. It breaks my heart to have to hold back-those eyes-but I am learning tough love. And until he can give me an alternate plan, we stick to my routine: Pool, work, Pool with me, errands, time for paperwork and bills. If he would only just get outside on our beautiful deck, with the window boxes he planted; I would relax a bit.


So I go from no post-its to a wall full. Gotta luv it. Good week all. Debbie


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Debbie, Reading everybodys post about volunteering inspired me and Carl to volunteer at the Mennonite church farm.

So I'm sorry to hear about Bruce not being able to volunteer at the Animal Hospital. Debbie maybe you can some how squeeze it in, for Bruce lights up when doing at the Animal Hospital.

I know you'll figure a way, because when Bruce is happy Debbie is happy.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Debbie, Bravo on your continual outings in spite of breakdowns. Getting out is uplifting for both of you. I always wonder who that tough love is hardest on but in the end everyone wins. Keep strong.


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Debbie, you amaze me at all you do including working part time. I don't think I could manage the scooter - too much maintenance. I'm lucky to keep the car and ME going. Yes, we have to hang tough with our guys as they do not have the motivation or willpower to get better. Hope you have a good week. :cocktail:



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