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Happy 4th



The kids next door are in their pool for the first time this year. They are having a blast. Wear their little butts out. Their Dad is a lawyer, their Mom a nurse. Wonderful neighbors, but a very hectic life style. They also have four Yorkshire Terriors. Mary Beth calls them the little puppies. Yappers, but when one is alone in a house with a disabled person, one is happy to have the extra warning of change in the neighborhood-lol. Little Sarah, behind us, has been in her pool for about a week now. She and her Mom lost her Dad when Sarah was 2-been five years now. So sad. Again, good neighbors. For that we are certainly blessed with Cliff and his Mom, Gloria across the street and Tommy behind us.


Strange week. Last Sunday Bruce voiced that he was concerned about always losing his train of thought. After I picked myself up from the floor-lol, this came out of the blue-we talked. I suggested that in trying to find the proper words to voice an idea, it seemed understandable that the thought may be lost in translation. I reminded him of the strategies that we were all taught by Speech. I reminded him that when we all used them, we could get him to where he wanted to be. And while he scoffed at them, the rest of us worked on them and perhaps he should revisit his notebook, which I reminded him was on the shelf just to his right, where it has been, gathering dust for almost a year now.


He has been good about the three days in the pool and two days at work. Last three weeks-no arguement, just goes. But we came up with a project we have been working on now one week. I wrote a reminder note that I leave on his table every night and he politely folds and puts aside in the morning-but obviously reads it, because he is sticking to it. He is to pick on thing daily, for 1/2 hour. TV must be turned off. He gets no prompt from me. He can ask for help, but he must initiate. He chose reading. Tomorrow we add a new goal.


We continue to work on stuff here at home. He is independent with his shirt. Doing entire upper body wash up either at sink or in shower. Shampooing is only so-so, but will come with time. He stands on deck or in kitchen to look out window. Just stretching at this point. And Thursday, he asked for his cane (took me a minute to remember where that was-LOL) because he wanted to stand and adjust his shirt. Still needs a lot of verbal cueing, but once I remind him, is off to do his work. I am still finding if I take him out of routine, he gets more confused. Some days that just can't be helped. Termite Inspector was due on Friday at 7:30 am, so I had to get dressed before the rest of the morning stuff and Bruce was "off" the rest of the day.


His friend Frank came for a visit on Sunday, just recently back from Africa, with some great pix. He is a Climate Engineer. Our friend Bob, who was to sit with Bruce so I could go to a wedding tomorrow night, was finally discharged from the hospital today, after a week. Doing much better. His son, Bruce's Godson, stopped today to talk to Bruce. He is concerned about the change in his Dad's health. What that will mean for the future and how he can help, adjust.


Lady friends coming for dinner next week and I will be going to dinner with the Mom of the wedding I will miss. Am going to try to get Bruce to go out at 4:30 in the afternoon, with the promise of take out dinner, just to see her get married. She is my Goddaughter. Fortunately I was able to cancel my dinner in time.


Since I had the wedding caregiver in place, went for the massage I was gifted this week. What a wonderful experience and am going to try to fit that into our schedule. But I paid for a caregiver, so can not justify another paid caregiver for tomorrow. No I am not sorry I did it. I have not felt that kind of inner peace for over 2 years, but if I had thought more carefully, perhaps would have made another choice.


Bruce's college roommate from New Mexico will be in town mid-July. His parents live in Rhode Island, so he will be here for a day or two. Always love having him. His mother-in-law stroked recently and when he and his wife are on their way to Mom's, he always calls. We have been blessed in that both roommates-New Mexico and California-have been able to visit at least once a year since Bruce's stroke. When they came in April 2009, just after the stroke, Bruce was in Rehab. Mary Beth was still here with me. Bruce saw them, threw off his covers, tossed his legs over the side of the bed. He was sure they were there to "spring" him. Sad, but also funny. Mary Beth still laughs about it.


Happy 4th of July to all. Please remember our Service people and be safe. Debbie


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Debbie, You are blessed to have such good neighbors.


Sticking to a routine is very helpful for some stroked survivors, I have the same problem with Carl. So, what I started doing is talk about the change that we are going to have the next day. It usually works, Carl doesn't get upset and the rest of the day runs smooth. remembertolaugh,Jeannie :cocktail:

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Thank you Debbie, they are in my prayers as always although three were killed Friday and their bodies should be here Tuesday. More funerals to attend and sad families to meet!


Have a good 4th!



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You and Bruce are doing so well. It is always a matter of thinking up new goals and working on old ones.

Things change slowly.

Wonderful neighbors and friends. You are blessed.

I was please to hear that you got a good massage.



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