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It's Too Hot In Texas To Think!



You know it's hot in Texas when you get to hot to think! My brain (what I got left) just won't think right or on time! This is the laziest and sleepiest I've been in 7 years. I almost have to prop my eyelids open with tooth picks! I feel for any workers outside working on highways with heavy equipment. They should be working at night in Texas for sure.


If I was in Minot, ND I would be complaining even more. That little town is about to be washed off the map by tomorrow! It's predicted to be 7 feet over the flood plane, man that's on the roof tops. It seems like between the fires, floods, and soldiers still dying in the war nothing else is news. I'm watching too much TV! :big_grin: We have had many motorcycle accidents here and the cyclist dies in all cases. A city bus driver in Houston wrecks an extended city bus (the real long one) and he's the only one on the bus.


Maybe it is the heat, no rain here, and you know the 4th of July is just around the corner. Another chance for more fires being started with unattended gas and wood BBQ grills. I think I will settle for using the oven with the a/c running that day! Maybe it will be another day to sleep and rest! Glad I'm not close to wooded areas with lots of trees.


Well I wish all of you members a safe fourth of July outing even if it's in the back yard...Be careful and don't drink and drive! :Tantrum:


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Fred, I always marvel that we live in a world with so many contrasts, you are hot, we are cold, you are trying to keep cool, I am trying to keep warm! I try not to watch tv when the news is one track, politics, or weather or whatever. That is when I read and think and contextualise ( sort it all out) and then have nap if there is the occasion for it.


You have to plan for it but even the hottest day can be an opportunity for some R & R. Try a kids blow up pool full of cool water to put your feet into and a good spot to sit and watch life go by.



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fred, you are right about the heat. in az, most workers that had jobs outside started early in the morning or at night. it seems we have had so many disasters lately happening to people, i feel so bad for them, having to rebuild their lives if the make it through the disaster. like you said whether it be fire, floods or whatever. anyway you rest/nap when you need to and stay cool. look to see if they have utility help in your area. i received info from the public utility commission of texas, called the electric and telephone discountprograms for low income people. called the lite-up program. they discount your telephone and electric bill. their phone # is

1-866-454-8387. im not sure of the qualifications for the program. but it might be able to help you with the electric costs this summer.

i hope they can give you some help.



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