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My first one



Hi. I'm Christine and it's been four months since my stroke. I was pretty much incapacitated when I was in ICU. My right side was pretty much shot. I guess I have accomplished a lot in the last four months. I can walk pretty well, and when I get worn out I seem to have balance issues. But all in all the walking's come a long way. I still have ankle issues.


My PT is at risk of being stopped, even though I feel like I still want them cheering me on. But the rest I really can do on my own. My OT is just getting started as far as I'm concerned. I'm just now, finally, starting to move my arm in different directions. The hand can only squeeze to grip, but cannot release very often. But I feel like I am really seeing results, and I make sure to do my home exercises.


This week when I went to the movies it was clear to me how much help I need. I can to be on the side of the theatre that had the hand rail on the left side while going down the stairs----because of my ankle. Additionally my friend carried stuff for me when we got concessions. Luckily, I never go to the movies alone. But it's so much to think about!


So that's my first blog, like it or not.


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You go girl! bouncesmile.gif congratulations on being up and mobile. My husband, Sam stroked 12-30-2010 and loves to go anywhere I will take him - as long as I "drive like I have some sense". Translated that means 50 mph or under - he still has trouble with some spatial concepts I think. Anyway - I have found that in Sam's case the more you do, the more you are able to do happydance.gif . Keep up the good work and let me know how it's going.


Kathy (kitkat)

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You are making great progress! I was still in the hospital at 5 months after my stroke. Progress is the key, OT, PT and as much as you can do at home when possible.


For the arms you can hold your cane both hands shoulder height to up over your head and back several times. Then go the other way from waist high to as low as you can reach and back to your waist. I still do that one plus I got a stretch pulley to do all kinds of stretches with, it works great for me!


Keep on keeping on! :big_grin: :welcome: to blog world!


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h christian:

welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralysed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. first year is the hardest emotionally though physically you will see lot of gain during this time frame, harder you work in your recovery right now easier it will get to adapt to your new normal. I feel atroke changed my life, though my life is still good just little different on how I achieve my daily living. I have found blogging & chatting with other survivors therputetic for my soul, it has help me deal with my new reality much better. hope to see you around more often.



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Hi Christine. It's great to welcome a new blogger to our blogworld. You will find us a friendly group and soon feel like family.


You seem to have the right attitude toward exercise and getting as much back as you can and that will stand you in good stead.


Once again - delighted to "meet" you and welcome.



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