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The End Of June!



Well members, we have made it to the last day of June 2011. A few things got better, gas prices for one, the days are longer more daylight so the electric bill should drop. I try to stay outside under the trees or take my scooter and go to the stores in their cool buildings. I love the super markets eating the fresh fruits and melons they put out for customers to sample!


I turn my a/c on late evenings after the wife gets home. I don't dare turn it on just for me all day. Sometimes I park my scooter and walk around inside Walmart talking with my ex-co workers. I still get a few deals since I'm there and they invite me to the break room! Seems like they got lunch for somebody at least twice a week where they bring dishes in to sell or it's free for donations to help someone out of a crisis!


The store manager wants me to be a mystery shopper catching the shoplifters. It sounds good but I never know who has a gun on them or not and I can't see myself getting shot trying to stop a person from running out the store with a case of beer they didn't purchase.


I think the idea came about because those that know me by name walks right by me and don't recognize it's me until I speak to them! They are used to me being on the scooter. I ride three different color scooters too, one has panels to change from red to blue and it's smaller. Lots of people has them now from Medicare.


I said no to all of them, saying I feel good just being retired and getting out to see the world! :big_grin:


Well July 1st is tomorrow and the big 4th is Monday, hope you all are ready. We'll have everything except fireworks in my neck of the woods. It's still way too dry, grass is brown, and the wind is still pretty high. Seems like time flies when you are having fun, life is good when you can enjoy each day. I can drive a little more with the gas prices down a bit.


The defense rested it's case today in the Casey Anthony trial, I bet those jurors are more than ready to go home and sleep in their own beds in a couple more days!


I wonder what the verdict will be? anybody got a good guess?? I watched a lot of it and I just don't know how it will come out. Then again the 12 jurors may not know at this point either! I will say if she's convicted that family will lose a daughter and grand daughter.


Possibly a dad too if his wife kills him for cheating on her! This is a Cloak and Digger for sure! :unsure:


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