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Chainsaw stroke rehab



STOP READING NOW. THIS IS A JOKE AND SARCASM. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING LIKE THIS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS PERMISSION. My dad wanted a butternut tree cut down and I wanted to help since I wanted a lot of the wood for woodturning. Dad is 84 and shouldn't really be running a chainsaw all day long, thats what younger sons like me are for.

My help was mostly piling branches and getting the foot-long pieces I wanted out of the way. Since I can't pick up any wood with two hands I would walk back and forth dozens of times with one piece of wood in my right hand. I have a cool looking iceblock grabber that I use to pick up the hefty chunks of wood(20-40 lbs.) My walking deteriorates with the weight pulling me on the right side but it definitely strengthens the left leg. Dad jokingly said that I should use the chainsaw as therapy, my right hand would be the trigger finger and the left hand on top basically getting lots of vibrations and either pushing down or pulling it up. I can just see the therapy disclaimer, we are not responsible if the chainsaw gets away from you and cuts off one of your limbs. Side effects: hearing loss, massive bleeding, loss of limbs, fingers, death. :roflmao: :dribble:


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Maybe after graduating OT's 'Your Stroke and Industrial Arts' course. Then the chainsaw.

Thanks for the visceral visual! : )

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