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The Final NASA Space Flight Of Atlantis



Today the last flight of NASA space program lifted off in Florida with over a million people looking on to a history ending! It seem like the first flight back in 1969 that landed a man on the moon was not long ago but it's been over 40 years. We had lost of lives as with all ventures not just into space but it was the same when airplane flights got started so many years ago.


Today we have airplanes that can carry over 500 people in comfort and soon to be space flights that will carry paying customers perhaps to the moon. It was mentioned with the end of the space program comes many more unemployed people looking for jobs or unemployed checks! Aside from those folks will be the many school admin and teachers joining the ranks of the unemployed leaving the public school systems across America.


Couple those figures with the number of people already seeking employment and you got more people having their homes foreclosed, losing their cars and just trying to feed the family! Then we have our federal government trying to meet the August 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling or we go into default on our loans. Than in itself could be the beginning of another great depression for all of America.


Did we see it coming? Is it the Presidents fault? I think it's been building for many years when jobs in America started to go overseas and companies also started moving overseas for cheaper labor. I for one, don't see this trend turning around any time soon. There is going to be a lot of bailouts in industries, our government coming together in how this country operates and more meaningful ways of doing business with the world!


I really don't believe electric cars, windmill electricity, road and bridge building will get us over the hump. The special projects our congressmen set aside for their home states, like a bridge to no where, and other meaningless projects that cost many, many dollars will have to end!


Our decision in going to Iraq and Afghanistan spending billions of dollars just to kill one man on the pretense of looking for weapons of mass destruction was a bad idea by our previous president and vice president who had a stake in a company he had ownership and control what it does.


I can't say it's a bad time to end the space program but I can say we will feel the effects of that decision in less than five years from now. We could all be looking for a new country to live in before too long! JMO


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Fred, you all need to take a step back and see if you can kickstart the economy by doing all the things we used to do like buying local produce and products, setting up small businesses, growing what you can where you can. In keeping our own household budgets out of debt we keep our country out of debt.


I think we will see a new kind of economy in the future, don't see what it will be like but each country takes it's own values and priorities and makes the best place they can for their citizens - if they are wise in government.


Blessings, Sue.

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Fred, I agree with your opinion. The people we vote in to work for us are not working for the people, instead they are working for their own agenda. We all need to assert our vote and vote those men and women out. If we are to progross as a Country people of the country need to work as a team.

The republicans and democrates are working against each other, no matter who sits in the white house.

Did a basketball team work together to score and win a game, YES. What's wrong with our goverment. People have no place to work and make a living, enabling them to feed their family, cloth them, put a roof over their heads.

I don't know what percentage of service men and women alone are homeless.

Now the space trips are going to depend on another country? WOW!

I'm descused with our county, land of the free, home of the give it away!!!

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Hey, I agree with both of you and that is the way to get it done in both of your cases! Maybe our children's kids will have a better life if it's still the countries we know and loved so much?


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