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The Casey Anthony Trial



Well, I don't know how anyone with a TV in the home or work place could have missed the broadcasting of this trial! That being said, "it's over" except for any appeal which has to be done in the next 30 days or any appeal after that time will be forfeited. :unsure:


The big thing about trials are the guilt has to be proven beyond any doubt by the state prosecution and that wasn't done. There were lots of theory and circumstances however you can't convict a person on that at any time, it has to be proven.


Not one person can say she was the cause of the child's death. Think about this for a minute...One man is killed by a single shot to the head and there were five guys at the site and is proven. The killer then is the person who pulled the trigger to fire the shot to the mans head. Only that guy can be charged with his murder. The other four are accessory to the crime and can be charged accordingly, but not with his death.


Now think about this...It could be any number of people responsible for the actual death of the child starting with Casey if it could have been proven she did it. Next are any of her friends or family who was with the child when she died or whomever may have left her unattended inside a hot car, at home alone or unsupervised causing her death.


Chloroform was searched on the home computer and it wasn't Cindy who was proven to be at work at that time on that day. Then we ask ourselves who purchased or got the chloroform from whomever sells it or stores it. It should have been a record of purchase from someplace. How did it, if it did, end up in Casey's hands if she ever had it? That wasn't proven beyond a doubt.


I feel justice was done under our American justice system where we are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. SHE WAS NOT PROVEN GUILTY! By circumstances she is but that's not how the system works!


My brother in Law is serving life in prison without parole, he was the one that pulled the trigger so stated by the other guys and proven after a lie detector test on all of them verified he did pull the trigger causing the death.


I would hope no one becomes so overwhelmed to attack jurors, attorneys, family members or Casey Anthony whenever she is released from jail. We can't take the law in our own hands as I see being demonstrated out side the courthouse and on the streets and in time perhaps the Anthony's home!




We all feel Casey is guilty from circumstances but a conviction cannot be handed down on circumstances. That is where the public is standing and outraged that she is guilty on that point. We've had people falsely accused by eye witness and no DNA being verified in rape and death cases all across America and here in Texas.


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Fred, the reason Justice is depicted as blind is because none of us can "know" who did what. We "presume" innocence or guilt.


I am not familiar with the case you are talking about but know we all ignore cries for help, suspicious acts, awkward signs such as bruising, crying for no reason, being sad when one should be happy etc in children and adults. And in doing so often "allow" a crime to be committed.


We do owe our neighbour a Christian love that may bring the label "do-gooder" or "interfering busybody" sometimes but it is better to be labelled than to turn away from someone in need of our help.



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Fred: I followed this every night when the search was on to find little Caylee. Funny to remember this-it was before Bruce's stroke. After his stroke, of course did not follow much. At that point Casey was in jail and awaiting trial.


When I read exact cause of death could not be determined, I figured they could not render a guilty verdict.


Thursday mornings I treat myself to a breakfast sandwich and OJ at a diner while Bruce is at work. He works 40 minutes away, so it is not convenient to go home and then go back. I just sat and listened to the conversations. It is good that people interact. Communication is so vital. No one was out of hand, everyone polite. I was impressed. It is those situations that can reduce road rage, fights as to who was first in line. These days anyone who feels they were somehow "dis'd" as the kids say is likely to pull out a gun. Obviously both sides were discussed.


I will say however, with all the press on this one and the fact that she is not a celebrity or has any money, she might consider laying very low. The hubbub over this I don't think will dissolve anytime soon.

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I have been following this too, Fred, as there was not much on late night TV that didn't include discussions on the Casey Anthony trial. I was so afraid she would go scot-free and now she will. She has been offered a million dollar deal to appear on one of those TV shows, "Maury", I think. :notfair: She will have to live with the truth her entire life. I can't imagine that she will be living in her parent's home again, or, in the entire state of Florida.



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