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I don't want to be here!! Get me to the chair!



William was a bad boy today. The water was cold. We had a bit of rain and it was overcast yesterday. This made a big difference in the temperature of the water. but, I got him to walk for 40 minutes. Kicking and complaining the entire time. But, he did it.


The last five minutes of our time in the pool. I use the water weights and have William push and pull with the weights while leaning against the side of the pool. This is to keep the arm flexible. This is on the only time that i really work with his arm.


Next. I have him put his arms on the side of the pool. He used to complain that this hurt his left arm. But, recently no complaints. He is able to lift the arm up on the edge of the pool. Now we do belly to the wall, butt out. This is my rendition of some stretching. 25 of these.


Next, the kicking exercise. I stand about 2-3 feet away and have him kick my knee with his weak leg. 25 times. Next he stands on the weak leg and kicks with his right leg.


Next, the windshield wiper exercise. This is standing with the strong side holding onto the the pool and making his weak leg touch the wall of the pool .. going across the front of his body. 25 times. This is keep the hip in action. Next he repeats and does the other leg.


Now, he gets to walk to the chair and I can get him out of the pool and into the shower.


Shower and dried and powdered. Dressed. I tell him that I need to swim a little now. He watches me. He still wants to go home and return to the bed.


I finish and shower and change. Now to the lobby for coffee. I get him set up and tell him that I will do my 16 minutes. I burn over 100 calories. I do not have time for the weights. He is getting impatient. The bed is still calling. i did get him up at 5AM. He should be tired. But, he does not need sleeping pills any more.


I tell him that I have to swing by the grocery store and pick up those breakfast bars that he has been asking for. He tells me not to shop too much. Of course, I don't like shopping so we are in sync with that.


I but lot of bottled water. The little ones are on sale.


I get Wm to bed finally. He gets to snooze. I make it to our pool. It is so nice. I do water yoga and running in the water. It feels like I am on vacation.


I still have to figure out what to do today. I am considering a Nook or a Wii. I wonder if William will use them.




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Ruth, :bow: You are "super caregiver". Just like "super mom". In a way, I guess that is what we wives are, in addition to super wife. It sounds like William just needs a little push now and then but he does enjoy the pool. You are taking care of yourself too. Good for you.



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Ruth: so hard to insist when they are naughty. I have spent the last four days with naughty and am ready for a half hour break myself. I do so admire your stamina. Bruce has trouble when the water temperature is cooler, makes their muscles spasm more and they do not have the blood flow to compensate. But William, bless him, he got through his workout. Bless you, Debbie

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