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100 Degree heat...45 Days and counting!



I'm sure people all over the world knows Texas is hot and there is no let up in sight. The forecasters are predicting we will break the record of 63 day of the triple digit heat which hasn't happened since 1980. Of the 45 days (today) we have 34 in a row. All of July (31) days were in a row. I like hot weather climates apposed to cold weather places like Alaska or states on the east coast around New York.


I think 14 years total being stationed in different cities in Germany was enough for me. I was ready for Texas weather but this 100 degree heat is about to run me out of Texas. When I think of California I feel the earth shaking so that's out although I spent 5 years there after Vietnam at the hospital in the Presidio of San Francisco! I just can't get ready for the earthquakes, they come with no warnings! Then I was going right back to Germany for three more years in 1976.


I really think I could live in Georgia, Columbus at Fort Benning. I have to be close to those military benefits you know that I have earned for my 22 years of service! That's why I left Houston, my hometown and came to Fort Hood, Texas. I'm still glad I did but this heat got me looking for a place to run. If next year is anything like this year you can paint me gone!


I got many friends there I served with so I'll be right at home on the range plus my wife's hometown is New Orleans. I think that would be a good little drive between Georgia and New Orleans. Even a bit closer than Fort Hood to New Orleans I think. The only thing is the hurricanes but we get warnings long before they hit.


This heat is almost unbearable and the electric bill is sky high with daily warnings to cut back doing peak hours on electricity use. The next thing are those rolling black out as they call them where they control how long your electricity is turned off. Just a couple years ago we got snow on Easter Sunday. That was a rare occasion to build snowmen for Easter instead of hiding eggs for the kids!


Now this year we can fry eggs on the sidewalks. The downside of all this heat is the number of people staying in the sun way too long and getting skin cancer at some later day. On top of all this heat is NO RAIN. We've been a drought condition since early may. Water is rationed by the city no yards are being watered and the yards are all brown grass. No mosquitoes and no flies. The snakes are out looking for water around your outside a/c unit and under your car where the air conditioner puts out the water.


You may have seen it on the TV where a lady was driving down the road when a snake appeared from under the hood up by the windshield wipers. I think I would have wet my pants! Other cars passing her were trying to get her to stop don't kill the snake!


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Oh Fred I feel for you - it IS a matter ofoverall prefferencafter being raised in ND & WY & in Alberta Canada for 35+ yrs I'd take the cold anytime even below zero we can turn the heat up plus keep covering our bodies with more clothes.

even the nice TX winters & no snow & ice driving - could entice me to live through TX summers again you are the opposite oof us - during summer you wish for fall/winter

And during winter we wish for spring/ summer

Now Fred I only have 59 years of ecperience- but I am pretty sure there is no Utopia on earth& I've observed if we didn't have weather extremes-- men woowould have nothing to talk about - especially in farming communitiesdrink lots of ice water & tea


and like U i'm not into hurricanes-tornadoes & earthquakes - 5 or 6 miserablly cold days a yr is fair trade for not having to deal with those disasters




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and Fred Snakes. As U know Harris Co - Houston has about 6 deadly poisonous snakes, scorpions and many kinds of poisonous spiders - bring on the below zero weather - these critters can't survive the serious winters I can swim in lakes & rivers without worrying about water moccasins or as a kid sleep outside in a sleeping bag no chiggers ticks

and very few fleas om animals whereI am.


Downside> no readily available pit bbq or good authentic Mex food.


when U grew up in Hou were you in town or close to the gulf?


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