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big baseball holiday coming upseing my team bostonred sox



i just wanted to let you know that i will be going on holidays for a couple of days asa you know i am a boston red sox fan and so my wife /caregiver bought tickets on line to go see the boston red sox in seattle now i have known of this trip since may and i was really looking forward to this trip and this game for quite some time , so the time has finally arrive and on AUGUST,13TH WE ARE DRIVING DOWN TO SEATTLE AND THEN SPENDING THE NIGHT IN THE SHERITON HOTEL JJUST FOR ONE NIGHT AND PROBABLY TAKE IN THE SIGHTS OF SEATTLE AND THEN AFTER THAT GAME DATE BETWEEN BOSTON RED SOX AND SEATTLE MARINERS IN SAFCO PARK BEGINS ON AUGUST 14TH and then it is homeward bound into vancouver , i am so sorry about the caps, as i was typing i dwasn"t looking, and i hope that boston will win while i am there, and seing what boston does best hit home runs play ball


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have fun in your vacation I am sure its going to be great game & you will have great time with your wife, visit space needle if u get chance.



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Lenny - please have a hot dog for me! I so envy you a chance to see your boys play ball! Now, go on and enjoy the game... I'm pulling for the Red Sox myself. Clap-Hands.gif



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Lenny, enjoy yourself being at the game and I hope the Red Sox's win with you there watching. I won't be financially able to accompany you as we had planned much earlier, but I will watch that game for sure! :big_grin:


I have to go with my wife to New Orleans the following week so she can take care of family business still looming from her mom's death last year!

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