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Almost disabled myself yesterday



I had our helper, Jim, over yesterday while I ran errands. I asked him to help me program the emergency device I had bought. I am not technically savy. Jim had most of it set up by the time I finished running - getting a prescription, returning something at post office and getting a hair cut. Where does the time go! After Jim left I was getting the mail and took a mistep coming back. I wrenched my back as I twisted and fell on the lawn. :yikes: I was in pain! I thought I was going to be disabled for several days but nursed it back to almost normal by today. I told Larry "this is another reason he needs to learn to do more". I guess the ER button will come in handy for my emergencies as well. LOL I need to get back to an exercise program or I swear I will start to fall apart.


The weather was cool over the weekend and so I talked Larry into going for a drive Sunday. We stopped at a farmer's market so I could get some tomatoes. I wanted to go out to lunch and had to do "some friendly persuasion" to get Larry to agree. We sat outside but Larry said he was cold. I was too but still enjoyed it.


Larry's big thing lately is watching baseball, or next favorite, CNN. I did think I made a breakthrough though, as I asked if I got him the latest Mary Higgins Clark book would he read it. He agreed and I have it on request from the library. I also ordered a book holder since he would not be able to hold it one handed. This is why I like the screens in the new church we joined. He can look up and follow the service himself. I use to think this was wierd in a church since we belonged to a very traditional church before.


Well, I am taking extra care when I go to get the mail.

Lots of doctor appointments coming up for both of us. The fun never ends.




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Julie, the new physiotherapist that gave Ray the exercises said to me: "You do exercises too, be strong for Ray". Okay, I admit it I have been slacking off.


Sorry you had the fall, it is scary when you think of what the consequences of a caregiver getting hurt is in terms of who will look after her/him and the person they care for.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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take care of yourself.


I hope that the emerigency response works well for you.


You need to look into the Nook. It is easier than the book holder. I tried that.


I love Mary Higgins clark myself.



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Julie, I second Ruth's suggestion on the nook, but I love my kindle. I know that BEST BUY will actually power them up and you can see and feel them. The e-readers are awesome and a godsend, especially if you don't read fast enough to keep from renewing all the time LOl


Take care, and use the eyes in the back of your head that I thought all mothers were born with! LOL


Stay safe for Larry (my brother's name!).



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