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Jobs In America



Well it appears that the current president is on the campaign trail early. There are a few others who are aspiring to become president of the USA. I suppose with jobs or anyone knowing how to get jobs back from overseas and add more jobs in the USA, it may be tough for all candidates running for president next year.


We just had the finance crisis which down graded the credit rating from AAA to AA+! Well so far my mortgage rate remains the same and my car payments too. I was under the impression our payments would skyrocket upwards but instead they stayed the same. In some cases with banks they charge less interest on certain loans. It just may depend on the financial standing of that bank.


There are so many people laid off, not working and really want to work but the jobs are just not there. The housing market and people still losing their homes right and left the economy is a mess. The bad part is most of us think it will remain like that for some time to come.


The big companies who are outsourcing jobs overseas and in some cases has moved their headquarters overseas too and are now avoiding higher taxes in the US! Those jobs will not come back when they have to pay a worker here more money and lot less there. That's more money in their pockets. Time Warner Cable, all credit card companies and many other big companies are all doing business with outsourcing jobs overseas. Where does that leave the little guy in business trying to create more jobs and put people back to work?


It's a dog eat dog world right now and that is leading to all sorts of crimes and people being killed daily. We the disable persons are more like targets to the public crooks looking for a quick buck. So we all need to really be more careful when we are out and about our business. It happens more in the big cities but no one want to get robbed or shot without any mercy.


For that reason I stay close to home more these days. They got gangs going around as Mob squads robbing stores and customers too! So be careful when you are out in the streets because they are looking for easy targets. The gas prices seems to be going down some but with no jobs we can't buy that much gas anyway. Another reason I stay home and a vacation is out of the question. I get in a country and can't get back home that is not fun for me.


It all has to change soon with this president or another one we still got the same big problem...Not enough jobs so more people will have incomes for their household expenses!


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Fred, people have got to know what is made in America(or Australia) and what is not. No good making an icon out of a company that has ditched our country and gone overseas to make a bigger profit and pay less tax. If you are proud of your country you support it and others who are paying their way IMHO.


Keep up with the way your country changes, worry about what seems to be changing for the worst but also emphasise the good things that are still there. It is a sad time all around the world with so many changes and some values getting lost along the way.


I find be honest and open with our kids and they will accord you some respect. Some don't of course due to their own upbringing. I look out for our local youth and try to give them some respect and keep them in my prayers. Without them our future has no meaning.



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With so many people out of work, you would think it would be easy for us to find good, reliable help, but that's not always the case. I find that too many people have a sense of entitlement to a paycheck, but lack the desire to do the actual work to earn it. I have had to pay $20 - $25/hr. for people to care for Gary so I can get out, but most feel all they have to do is sit on their butt and watch t.v. while he sleeps. Try asking them to get off their duff and dust a bit of furniture or wash a load of clothes, and all I get is excuses. We have a revolving door of caregivers as a result.



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