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Long range goals



Things I'd like to do before I die....(some of this is R rated....I did say these were private thoughts)

1) Attend son's wedding to a sweet and wonderful young woman.

2) Go to Europe on a tour.

3) Ride the donkey's down into the Grand Canyon

4) See the fireworks display on the 4th of July in New York City.

5) Have the big O at the same time Husband does.

6) Give a large sum of money to a charity to be decided later...something like the one that does plastic surgery for low income children who have cleft palate, etc.


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i have noticed you speak of the donkey ride before. EEEWWWWWWW. how hot,bumpy, flys, donkey dung, and ucomfortable. my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service!!!!!!! lol it must be something from your childhood, maybe the time the brady bunch did it and made it look fun?


as for your other wishes, my fav is the "big o"!!!!!


kim waycon1.gifwaycon1.gif

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Yes, when as a child my family had a vacation to the Grand Canyon and even though I begged and begged, Dad wouldn't let us do the donkey ride thing.. too expensive.


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I've always been discouraged about the donkey ride, halfway thru it I think you'd feel sorry for the donkey. Who the hack would want to be doing that everyday for the rest of their lives- a fate dare I say about as fun as a stroke????


Drive to Sedona instead and walk the art galleries, my DH thinks Sedona's red rock country is as inspiring. Take a driving tour there, it can be hair raising! beer.gif

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