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Hurricane Irene due to make a visit



Interesting week developing, and not by choice, mind you.


Bruce's Godson has had my car for two weeks. He totalled his and has to get back and forth to work and school. With all he does for us, I of course said yes. I needed it back yesterday to take Kira to the Vet while Bruce and Jen went to the pool. 8am no car, Jen drops me at work, I drop a dime and a friend of the Godson drops the car at my work. I am not a happy camper. First off, someone else driving the car-yes I know him and he is considerate and careful, but that was not the deal. Inside the car is a mess-at least three clothing changes and it stinks. Worst thing was a page from my owner's manual-the brake system, was ripped out of the manual and sitting on the floor. What is up with that? Car smells of oil and tank is empty. Yes, Godson knows I am annoyed.


Last night I had a chance to go to a Hypnotist to quit smoking. I called the Godson's parents a week ago to see if they could sit with Bruce-about 3 1/2 hours. Said I would get a call back. No go. This is important. I discussed with my sister and while I am not really sure I want to do this at this time, need to get it going now. I weigh half of what Bruce weighs, my check ups as you all know have been good but won't be for long with the continued smoking. I could not get through on their cell phones, nor leave a message, which leads me to believe they were out of the country and based on the condition of my car and irresponsibility of their son, I believe this is so. Jen came and I will post the experience on the message board. So far, 24 hours no cigarettes. Yes I want one and with me it is a lot of habit: Bruce has his breakfast, I go and have my smoke and coffee. So am looking today at those situations where I always lit up and how I can change them. I will tell you that some windows got cleaned just to break my routine (Bruce's was the same).


Upstairs toilet broke. The little handle thing that controls the flush-refill ball. Fortunately Pete is coming. Add it to his list. When he came last week to give me an estimate, we did some stuff right there like the garage door and the lighting fixtures in the gallery and he kept saying-OK cross that off my list! Everyone who comes knows there is a master list and no one gets out without crossing off one thing! LOL. That may also be why we don't have a lot of visitors. That one I may be able to fix myself. Doesn't look too difficult, just have to fit in time to get the part.


Hurricane Irene is due to visit on Sunday, probably afternoon into night. Tree guys have not yet arrived, so another stressor to my list. And yesterday, earth quake in Virginia, that was felt up here in Connecticut. I was just spotting Bruce getting out of bed from the nap and from the quivering, actually thought I was passing out. Then Bruce said "Wow" and I knew what it was. Sat him back on bed until it passed-few seconds. Funny the first month I met Bruce, I was hired at the company he was working at, back 26 years ago. He had gone out to lunch with our Boss, leaving me alone in the office when an earthquake hit. Shook the building and shut all our equipment down. They were in estimating, and really did not care that their computers were down-they were out to lunch-lol. But here I am-one month in, first female Graphic Arts Production Manager in the state, trying to get my plant back up. They had felt nothing and came back to just laugh at me, thinking it was just a simple power outtage. We all laughed for years at that! Nice memory.


Kira of course was hiding in the upstairs bathroom and by the way, her check up was good. Lab results due tomorrow, but expect no problems.


Door bell rings today and it is Cliff-our next door neighbor who moved to AZ with his Mom four weeks ago. House was on the market, but they are back. Mae's pacemaker went haywire due to the elevation. Spent three weeks in the hospital and they could not reset it. So back they are. Poor guy, spent whole day unpacking the van. But good news is he is going back to his job. He is the mechanical engineer who took such good care of Bruce and I over the past years. I am so sorry for him, he was so looking forward to retirement and easy winters. I will have to make some meals for them this week. Moving back in will take a lot out of him-has no help basically. Neighbor helped him unpack into garage, but they are both my age, so not good for anyone. He said tomorrow he will have to unpack the tractor so he can mow.


Mary Beth had started a new job back a month ago. Last week a problem was found in one of the other divisions which can only be fixed by Mary's new boss, a hot 30 year old. Boss said she wanted her whole department: herself, Mary and another co-worker on board. The team is working 55 hours a week. This is wonderful news for Mary Beth and her family. She had been out of work on unemployment for two years. Yes she was here almost every other weekend and I paid for gas. While I hated that she would no longer be able to do that, was so pleased she was getting her own life back and some peace in her own house. Her husband has also been offered overtime and in this economy, that is remarkable. Liz returns to college after working full time all summer, this weekend. And Melissa returned to high school yesterday. I spoke with my brother-in-law tonight, not something that happens often-Mary was still at work-and he sounded so relaxed. Happy in being able to bring Melissa with him to help Liz go back. Liz will be bringing her car for the semester. Mary will be home with the dogs. I suggested Dave also bring the dogs with him, so Mary could come here and he actually laughed. From that alone, I know the pressure is off Mary Beth for a bit!


Best news for last: yesterday morning Jen took Bruce to the pool. Lift was down. Staff, of course, just wanted Jen to take Bruce home. Jen stood her ground. Told them she could get Bruce in without it. Then of course she got help offered because they are afraid of a fall. But guess what, didn't need it. I walked in from work at 2pm to two people who were beaming from ear to ear! She walked him down the stairs and back up. Staff spotted, but Jen said he did great. Bruce and I talked after she left. He said it was very painful and very scary. He said he had to go up with his weak R leg and he knew that was not right, but it made sense and did quite well, obviously. Jen said she did it that way because he was not weight bearing on the Right and had to force it. She wants to continue doing it. Staff said only on the days they are there, which means not Fridays. Bruce says he is on board. Since I am not there, have resolved that they will figure it out. They have been doing this for over a year. Jen says she can get him up on his butt if need be, so is not afraid. Now Leo is miffed, so insisted Bruce go out on the deck tonight to walk for a bit. Competition is a wonderful thing! This man will be walking again, like it or not-lol!


For me, working on increasing his hours at work. All of you know I took him off the Ditropan last Friday. All of us, including Bruce, are toileting every two hours. With me, he is continent. Will not refuse me in that I feed him-lol. And I accept accidents at nap and overnight. He mentioned it feels different and he has to pay more attention. I give him two hours now at work, come back for a BR trip (he won't ask anyone even tho there are people there who will help) and then leave again for another hour to hour and a half. His boss is shooting for me to be able to come back home for a couple of hours. Very nice thought, but not for a while. In the meantime I set up my schedule for the 3 1/2 hours: can do groceries, banking, write out bills, make phone calls and still get a lot done. Yes, I would love some alone time in my home, but not for a bit I expect. And I will post this under Relationships, Bruce asked me to lay down with him today at nap time. He turned off the TV and since I did not smell of smoke, did. He asked me to tell him about last night. I am never out at night and Jen reported that he did not sleep at all. I expected him to be sound asleep when I got home. And this is pre-stroke Bruce, he just waited until he knew I was home safe.


Today he wanted the whole run down of the session and how I was feeling. Things are feeling more like the pre-stroke days, relationship-wise. No it will be a long while before he can stay alone for any length of time. But am feeling we are on a positive track. Something I have not felt up to now.


Good week and please hope for the best with Hurricane Irene. Debbie


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Debbie, it is good to feel confident in your partner. I think you are doing that with Bruce again now.


Congratulations on giving up smoking, Mum was addicted from aged 17 till aged 81 when she moved here. Then I didn't buy any cigarettes for her. I know - cruel woman.


The pool work is doing wonders for Bruce, I can tell. It is a pity Ray gave it up when he did, I should have insisted on it but didn't - silly me.


Keep up the good work.



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I found a web site some time back called becomeanex.org for stop smoking. To me it seems like a bunch of high class snobs running it. If you get time you might check it out. I still visit it thinking about quitting.

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Debbie I am happy things are working out for you and Bruce. You deserve this after all the work you have done to help him. It's nice when Larry says things to me that shows he cares. The little things mean a lot.


We are having cooler weather here and no high humidity, but no rain. I'll take that as my flowers are gone anyway.


Stay safe from "Irene" and enjoy your week.



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That's so cool that you are working on giving up smoking! I'm sure Bruce is your biggest cheerleader, with all of us here a close second. I would recommend you put the money you save weekly in a safe place and at the end of each smoke free week you treat yourself to something special...lunch with a friend, a pedicure, anything you like...I bet you'd still have money leftover!

So proud of you!


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I hope the people where you are make good judgements and not lose a life by staying behind, it's better safe than sorry I think especially when you are facing the "unknown" and there is no emergency help to call.


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