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High School Football Season Kicked Off Friday Night



Some of you may be aware that high school football is a big thing among parents, grand parents and college scouts and coaches all across the State and beyond. It came in this season with a stern warning for grand parents to beware of the high temperatures of 100 degrees and above. We have been having many heat strokes and dehydration from not drinking enough water. At night it's still just shy of 100 degrees and no rain any where in the forecast.


I think I'll just have to catch what I can in highlights on the late news cast. I'm not taking no chances in that kind of heat sitting in the stands on metal benches. There is not much green grass on the football fields and some are lucky enough to have artificial turf installed. I don't suppose I will go to many college games either for the same reason plus the tickets are twice as high as high school games these days.


Some schools were at the top of their games with a guy running for over 300 yards in the game for a 49 to 10 win! It's a good thing to get some of these kids into college on scholarships to certain colleges to further their education. A lot of the military kids are competing too and that makes their parents very proud when they return from Afghanistan duty.


I'm hoping for a good season without any life threatening injuries like concussions that paralyze them for life.


The Pros are off and running too with the Dallas cowboys winning their first game of the season. I figured the pros would be slow starting since they were on strike like until a weak or so ago. I suppose they will get it all straighten out to make a good season of it since they are Pros and getting big money doing something they love to do.


I guess games are being played every where except the east coast and New York because of the hurricane. Baseball still has another month or two before it's world series time again.Maybe I can report on the games on site again this season but I'll have to get clearance from the CEO first! :big_grin:



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i wish we could give you some of this hurricane rain. good friend got 12 1/2 inches of rain. road now a river.! fred i really miss your daily jokes.i always scanned the posts for your name because i knew a smile would be coming. blessings lynn:hug:

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Yea Lynn, I had to drop the jokes on this site but if you send me your email I can accommodate you with jokes just the same. I guess that's why I stay in a good mood about how I'm doing after the stroke, I keep laughing and enjoying my wife and life doing what I can with no complaints about non moving parts of my body.


I hear about or at least 14 deaths are blamed on the hurricane IAW the news reports on TV this morning. Four of them were in North Carolina I think! I feel some of those lost lives didn't have to be which is always the case.


Are you ready for some Football? Especially on Monday nights! That's when my wife and I drink a brew or some wine together!


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