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Doctors, tests, therapy and more



We had a nice weekend weather wise with cooler temps. I guess we were luckier than most, although it's dry as a bone and no rain coming. Last Friday Larry went for more Botox in his shoulder, arm and hand. He said it didn't hurt as much this time. Maybe he is getting use to it. The doctor wrote a script for OT & PT therapy but Larry has to be evaluated first. It is only for 4 weeks but we will take what we can. It is hard to schedule the therapists we want but I succeeded. I hope they don't do a switcharoo on the OT as I will stand my ground again. I'm hoping the OT will try something different this time, but I don't have my hopes up too much. I asked Larry if he was willing to go out to eat and he said "yes". It took him forever to decide on something as nothing really appealed to him. He finally picked the meatloaf dinner. He said it was not as good as mine but he did well on eating it. Saturday I stayed home, gave Larry his shower and got him ready for church. We had one of the younger pastors speak. Looking at him, he seems too young but he is truly a gifted speaker. They usually have people stand at the beginning and greet those around you. Sometimes the pastor's get a brilliant idea and add things. Once the pastor was talking about John Lennon, the Beatle. He said stand up and greet your neighbor, and say what your favorite Beatle song is. I could only think "Yesterday". When you think of the lyrics, that could apply to Larry and I both. :rolleyes: The lady in front said "I Want to Hold Your Hand". LOL


Sunday, I was able to talk Larry into going to Walmart with me. I thought since it was Sunday, it wouldn't be as crowded. Wrong! A lot of the families were there so people had to dodge Larry in the electric cart. :unsure: That was stressful. I think I'll go by myself next time. LOL We spent most of the time watching baseball on TV and then CNN with coverage of "Irene". So sad to see all the damage. I think that is worse than our tornados.


Today I took Larry for his sleep apnea conference. We met with a Nuerologist first, and then we will be scheduled for the sleep test. I think the Nuero was pretty sure he had sleep apnea. This is just one more thing to deal with. You know who will have to help him with this at night. I may not have sleep apnea, but I will have sleep deprivation. :head_hurts:


Larry is reading again. He wants to check out another book so that is a plus.


Saying prayers for those that had hurricane damage.




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Julie life after stroke seems to be one illness (or new condition) then another, I suppose because resistance is lowered and also because their body is on overload. One doctor told me it is like Ray is carrying all of his weight with only half of his strength.


Keep up the good work, you seem to be leading Larry back to what would have been close to a normal life. Enjoy eating out, it has been one thing I have really enjoyed in this stage of our life.



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Julie, Therapy is pretty much the same. If Larry didn't catch on and get results this time you need to step in and have a talk with the therapist.

Sometimes the manager need to get into the picture and guide the tech. I did it with Carl's speech therapist and the the manager took him as his patient.


Since I've been on both sides I understand stroke survivors may not be able

to express feelings correctly. A therapist is just that, they have never been in the position of a stroke. We as caretakers need to oversee. Good luck.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Julie: when I look back over your blogs and posts, it is so obvious the strides you have both made. It seems incredible to me anyway. Hard work and I know you are so tired, but the achievements are just so impressive.


The mere fact that he would go to Walmart with you is amazing. What I want to hear is did he enjoy it, would he go again, did he find it fun? I ttold you how Bruce almost ran people over in the scooter, at the car show. He is just learning and was looking at the cars and not at the people around him. Took a couple of reminders, but he got it and did not hit anyone, Thank God!


He went to church, out to dinner. Choosing a meal is tough for them-too many choices, but with him going more now it will get easier with time. I used to pick for Bruce. But then I remembered when his friend used to do that with her children and how annoyed Bruce would get at her, so I stopped. Now watching him peruse a menu and choose a beer is actually funny and entertaining (and very endearing).


Great news on the Botox and the upcoming therapy. Please do let us know. You are doing terrific honey, just hard to see from your side of it. Keep your chin up. Hope some rain is coming. We are cooler here now as well, good sleeping weather finally. Prayers and hugs, Debbie

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