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Some positive feedback for a change



Larry went to his OT Evaluation today. The therapists took him to task at how much he could lift his arm, move his arm, squeeze his hand or open it, etc. It hurt but he kept trying and he was exhausted at the end of the session. She obviously saw some changes, especially in his arm movement and wrist movement. She said she was glad the doctor wrote the therapy for him and happy we came. Yippee! Usually we only hear "well there is not much change", or "you need to keep doing your home exercises". I asked her if she ever heard of "mirror box therapy" and she said they had just gotten one and she was going to use it with Larry. She also will try some more E-Stim. The PT Therapist will probably work with him only a couple more times. That is okay and we will take what we can. The outpatient therapy dept. is moving to a new location and it will be a much smaller space. It will be interesting to know how they will let the "Independents" like Larry use their facility. We may have to go on a schedule. At least the new facility is about the same distance away. Larry also is scheduled for a "sleep study" this month. I will have to tag along I guess. I told them he needs help getting up to use the urinal and they said they are not allowed to assist. I guess I won't sleep much that night and just listen to Larry snore. :Zzzz:

I am also trying to reschedule his colonoscopy. His internist suggested I talk to the GI Dr. to see if he could be admitted overnight since he had so much trouble clearing. So far, I haven't had much luck with getting through to her. If you don't fit into their plan of action, it seems to be your hard luck. :(


The weather has taken a turn for the best as it is in the 70's all week. Still no rain and our lawn man left a flyer saying "Your lawn is suffering". Ha! That's not the only thing. LOL


As I mentioned in chat, I'm still recovering from the skin cancer on my nose. I had reconstructive surgery and the swelling is finally starting to go down a little. I was having trouble breathing! I went to the doctor's office yesterday and the nurse checked it as the Dr. was in Hawaii. She took a couple pictures and sent them to the Dr. He looked and E-mailed her back while I was there saying all was well. Technology is amazing. Wish I could have gone too. LOL



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Julie: that is terrific news and to think his arm has actually improved and OT is excited about working with him again. I just hope it rubs off on him. Positive reinforcement, especially when from professional strangers is so important. And just wait and see the PT outcome, one never knows.


Bruce's OT came to the clinic today to see us. That was so nice of her. She did a bit of movement and said yes, Debbie, get the Botox going and lets get him back upstairs. The Baclofen seems to have helped. Getting the Botox up and running again will take some doing, but I am excited and anxious to get on it.


Good idea on the colonoscopy. They will have to check your insurance and figure out a way around it, but it will give them something to do-lol! And best with the sleep study. Just plan a down day the day after, get your stuff done and some meals made the few days before, perishables in, a good couple of magazines. Personally I would pick up take out breakfast on the way home from the study and then just plan to rest.


Good news all around. Debbie

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