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Changes on the Horizon



For may years we have dreamed of moving to a different house. not necessarily larger but one that more fit us. We have lived here for 38 years. WOW. Moved in as newley weds after being married for approximately two years. We had 2 children and raised them. All the while telling them our dream of living on an acre or two or so. Five wonderful grand children have been born and brought to our house, and they keep coming, which is wonderful :-). We have worn out several realtors who say we are hopeless. They think they find us the perfect home and its never THE PLACE OF OR DREAMS. Well guess what? Yes! We finally found it. Our daughter has been looking for us and even she has given up several times. But this time was different. We had just looked at a house across the street from her. It was no where near anything we would ever want. And I had never given any thought to living that close to them. On the way home, Eddie said he was tried of looking. ( like he has a million times) so we were going to give it a rest and not pressue it so much for a while. The very next day our daughter called us and was very insistant that we come see this house. The owner had just put out a for sale by owner sign, she knew the floor plan and was sure this was the one. reluctantly we took a look at it the next day. To our great surprise, It was so close to meeting all our dreams, we decided this is it. It happens to be larger than what we thought we wanted, but we have already decided what to do with the 4th bed room. I will tell u about that later.


When we told the owner that this is THE HOUSE we have been looking for, she was really amazed. The first people that looked at it is buying it. Lets see, it is a house with a floor plan we really like, My sewing room will be larger and has a walk in closet :-D. It has a formal office with glass doors. The walls in this office are painted red. Hummmm we decided we can work with that. It will Be Eddies Military Display room. with our computer and file cabinet in it. Make mental note... buy two nice wooden file cabinets and stash the metal ones in the garage.

We can hang the military quilt in there, that HE and I worked so hard on... it has a huge master bath room with two sinks, a large shower and a beautiful garden tub. some people call it a hot tub. Im gonna love that. There is a HUGE walk in master closet, a very nice kitchen. nice means large but not too large. But the living room is a big room. Should accommodate all of our family comfortably. It sets on one acre and has some very nice trees. Did i mention yet about my neighbor? I don't think so. We are right next door to our daughter. Much closer than we thought we would be, but we can work with this. And as time goes by, if we need extra help due to health issues as we age, It will be good to be in that location.


Thats my big news. I had to share with everyone. I will cover some other issues in the next entry. this one is getting long.


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So pleased you finally found the house you wanted. And right next to your fights now or she will hear and be right over.



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