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I have been told by many people to start my packing immediately. So i have. There are places in my house that I stoped going to because of the laundry baskets full of clutter. These are the things I have put off for too long. I have not been able to do it. I cant stand to even look in to them. It has just been too hard. But here is the deal, I refuse to move anything like this into my new home. I can not just toss them in the trash because there are important items there mixed in with the junk that needs to be trashed. Am I the only one who does things like this? I dont think so. With the help of my sweet DIL we sat and went through them. It was much easier with someone that facing it all alone. I now have my sewing room all packed and labeled. The guest room has been cleared out to make space to store boxes until the moving pod is delivered. I have packed a very large part of my kitchen. Keeping only things we will use until we move. The garage is another story. I need to get out there and dig into some of those clutter boxes and make a clean place to stash filled boxes. Our weather has been just too hot to stay our there for any time at all. But our weather man said today is the last HOT day for awhile. Its also the offical end of summer but we do know how those indian summer days of fall can be. But im on my way to getting things packed and ready to move.


The problem I am having is, packing noises are really bothering Eddie. Some days its worse than others. I know i am going to get all kinds of suggestions to send him off somewhere. but he dosnt go anywhere without me. :-( we just havnt gotten that going yet, and im not sure we ever will. My chain of thought has stoped right here. I do have a lot to get done. And im doing my best. I even have some friends that have offered to come help me. We need a nice man friend to come take him out for coffee or somewhere for like half a day. I will play with that idea and see what happens. Maybe my son would do that. But our son is having some back problems and cant do much himself. We will see what developes on this. I have to fight against guilt feelings. Cause he acts as if I do things to cause him these problems. He has never said it, but thats how I feel. Ya know, I really stoped living for quite a while. Now i am getting up and doing what needs to be done. We are making a big change that I believe will help both of us. Its going to be a lot of work on me. But thats ok. I just want to get it done and make it as painless on both of us as I can. Im doing my very best to keep the packing going in an organized manor so when we get in the new home things will be somewhat orderly. And not just a bunch of junk thrown together to get it moved.


Thats enough for now. Its easier to just do it than to put it all in words. I thought this would calm me, but typing it out is actually stressing me. IM gonna go pack another box. as quietly as I can.


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Babs, I don't think there is an easy way to go through all of the packing and moving. It is stressful enough when both of you are able to work on it together. To have to do it while Eddie is so uncomfortable about it all is an added stress for you. All I hope is that it is worth it in the end.


Use other people who have said they are willing to help you. I have a 10% rule, once you open a box 10% has to go. Shirley cleaned out a few drawers while she was here and I think 90% went! She is much more ruthless than I am.


Good luck with it all dear friend.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Babs, I think a lot of us get to the point where even the everyday clutter gets to be too much and we hide from it. You are wise to have help sorting through everything. Don't take on the pain of guilt for things that might not be there. Do not assign feelings to Eddie that may not be there. Easier said than done often but maybe knowing you are not alone in those struggles helps in a small way.


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It might help to reframe your de-cluttering into


an act of giving.


Surely there is a thrift store or church charity store


near you which would welcome


your donations.


Think about the happiness you can create


by donating --


Think of the smiles you can make


by sharing things you no longer use or need!



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