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school started



Things finallly settled down & back to routine at our house. we ended our summer with back to school shopping & going to beach like most of americans do cause both places were jam packed. hubby declared he will remember not to ever visit outlet stores for next few years since he was our bag carrier & driver for a day :D Today is first day of our school & it went pretty nicely, kido was all ready & eagar to go to school. he is turning into responsible young adult & want to take care of his things by himself. yesterday I was reminding him to take out his clothes for school, he was like mom I m not going to prom tomorrow, its just first day of school lol. So I guess I have to now sit back, relax & enjoy his growing years. slowly I am realizing & relaxing to idea of him not needing us anymore though I have realized that does not mean I am not needed. we are always going to be there for him in his life whenever he will need us. So I guess as a parent you allow them to grow & I know he will do some mistakes in his life, but as long as he learns from those mistakes & we will be there to help him get up, things will be fine. At the end of the day they all came with their own destiny & we are there to guide them & support them when they need us & asks us.




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Tell your husband there is NOTHING as good as a little "retail therapy" can be! biggrin.gif

Good luck with the new school year. I'm in a similar situation (college).


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They do grow up a little too fast for us. I know seems like yesterday I was caring my daughter in her carrier, that was 16 years ago.

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