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so many things to sort out



We are back from our beautiful vacation. Vacation was quite fun, saw beautiful national park & beauty of nature this country has to offer. Though our vacation started on bad note first day of our vacation learnt sad news of my 59 year old uncle passing in India, though we could give comfort to each other by praying & knowing he is better place. Though on last day of our vacation learnt very bad news, recently married cousin of ours fell to his death from 18th floor of his apartment building, sad & hard part of this news is the guy was just recently married 28 year old guy & working in canada. the guy was coming to US same day to meet his grandparents in US who had recently came from India. his bag was packed & tickets were on table. his wife had driven day earlier to US to drop her parents at the airport & was at grandparents waiting for him to arrive. the guy had decided to fly few days later since he could not get out from work. this news were hardest to take & we visited our extended family as soon as we landed from our vacation. The hard part is not knowing what happened & how helpless you feel dealing with authority in completly different country where you don't know anyone. On top of this problems we still have to sort out our car problems. Yes compared to loss of the loved ones our car troubles seems minor. death in family does brings in perspective. though ofcourse its hassle to deal with. & we have to deal with I guess we will get there by doing one thing at a time.




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asha, i am, so sorry to hear of the deaths in your family. how heartbroken you all must be. tragedy seems to strike when we are not prepared for it. i send you and your family my condolences. hoping the happy memories you have of your uncle and cousin, will get you through many days ahead.hopefully the car issues will be nothing major and those get sorted out too.

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I am sorry to hear about your uncle and cousins deaths. One family member lost is bad enough, but two so close together is tough to comprehend. Sounds like your cousin was close to same age as Gary's niece's husband who just passed away, only 28 days after they got married. So young, and so difficult to understand why. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.



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WOW, a lot to deal with while trying to vacation. You have my prayers for peace in the family and the two of them resting in peace with God! I tell you the truth, I'm so afraid of going on a vacation any where these days especially out the country. I refuse to get a passport anymore, I've done my traveling years ago with 22 years in the Army!


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Asha, I had missed you terribly at chats and am so sorry to learn of the deaths in your family. My heart and prayers go out to you, and I pray that your family will find peace and comfort in their memories.



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I know that feeling of sadness when people go before their time. My condolences on the death of your cousin too. I echo Kathy's thoughts - may you and your family find peace with this. It will be so hard for his bride, his parents and siblings.


Your uncle was young also and you will miss him as well. So much bad news, enough to mar your enjoyment of your vacation.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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